Unpainted by the Corona Insulation: This Is How Your Skin Really Recovers


In the past few weeks, I have put on make-up as rarely as I haven’t in ages. I wanted to use the lockdown to do something good for my skin. But it has not improved noticeably. Many are like me. Because there can actually be several reasons why the skin does not improve despite makeup detox.

So that you can still achieve the desired result in the next few weeks, I have the most important tips here with which your skin can recover as best as possible in the corona insulation.

Corona Insulation, How Your Skin Really Recovers

Don’t forget grooming

Like a lot of people, I currently work in my home office. As a result, my morning and evening routine have of course changed significantly.

In addition to applying make-up, I often do not apply the cream to my skin and I usually only wash my face with water. Basically, less maintenance isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Finally, you can also take care of the skin, which leads to so-called stewardess disease.

“You shouldn’t over-saturate your skin with excessive cleaning and care. It is important that it maintains its natural protective barrier. The daily mild cleansing and care appropriate to the skin type remain essential. Making a face mask or peeling is of course also beneficial and stimulates the skin’s regeneration processes, ”advises Dr. Murat Dağdelen.

He is a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery and founder and medical director of DiaMonD Aesthetics. It is therefore important to find a good balance in the care routine in the make-up-free time. If you get on well with your previous care in pre-corona times, you should continue to do so.

Not everything that is promised to be good for your skin according to the advertising promise is actually. in the desired podcast, dermatologist Dr. Janina Hasert with the greatest skincare myths on:

Refuel with vitamin D & oxygen

Due to the existing exit restrictions, most of us currently spend less time outside than normal. Finally, there is no need to go to work, to a restaurant or to visit friends. When the weather is not at its best, the motivation to go out is often not great.

Nevertheless, we should do that regularly. “Go outside for at least 20 minutes a day or take in the sun’s rays through the open window. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to prevent premature aging and skin cancer, ”advises Dr. Murat Dağdelen.

This is how we ensure that we absorb enough oxygen and vitamin D. If there is a lack of oxygen or vitamin D, the complexion looks pale and dryness and irritation of the skin can occur. Both are important not only for the regeneration of our skin cells but also for our general health.

Sufficient oxygen and sunlight are also crucial for a better sleep:

If you have a severe vitamin D deficiency, you can also take appropriate nutritional supplements. However, you should clarify with your family doctor beforehand whether you actually have a deficiency. You can get vitamin D drops for example at Amazon for 9.99 euros. *

Pay attention to a balanced diet

While some swing the wooden spoon daily in times of Corona, others use up their hamster purchases and feed on canned food or frozen pizza. In addition, many like to have a snack or something sweet in between. Our skin doesn’t like all of this.

This is why the same motto applies to skin problems in times of corona: Try to eat a balanced diet and pay attention to which foods lead to increased skin irritation. For example, dairy products or acidic foods such as citrus fruits. The freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning, for which you finally have time, is healthy in theory – but your skin can still react to it with pimples and redness.

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