Protect Hair From The Sun – How To Protect Your Hair

Protect Hair From The Sunlight And Your Hair!

Sun, sea, and beach. We all love it! If all goes well, you take extra care of your body in the summer. You protect your skin with sunscreen against harmful UV rays.

Protect Hair From The Sun

You pamper yourself with all kinds of delicious moisturizing creams, after-suns, and scrubs, to protect and enrich your largest organ (the skin).

In this blog, you can read how you can best protect your hair from the sun.


You probably know very well what effect heat tools have on your hair strands. The sun is actually a non-stop hairdryer. Read the most common effects of summer on our hair here.

What are the effects of the sun on the hair?

Protect Your Hair From The Sun

1- Damaged and dry hair

where you lie on the beach in your bikini almost every day, your haircut has a lot to endure. The sun dries out your hair. You can almost say that summer equates to dryness of the hair and skin. Moisturize and protect your skin and hair as best you can!

2- Hair discoloration

Water takes its toll on the color of your hair! These factors create colorful days in your life. The color fades faster.


3- Burnt and dry scalp

Burning your scalp often leads to a dry/burnt scalp. This can have a negative effect on the hair roots.

Split ends

Dry hair is usually accompanied by split ends. The drier the hair, the less elasticity there is in the hair.

Keep nourishing and moisturizing your hair intensively with the right hair care.

Very fine and effective hair care is the repair line from Waterclouds. This consists of an effective shampoo, hair mask, and an argan repair serum that leaves the hair feeling reborn.

5- Oily scalp

The heat stimulates the production of sebum (skin’s own oils). This makes your hair and scalp greasy more quickly.

Do you love your hair strands?

Please don’t wash them too often! Try to stick to a maximum of 3x a week. Washing your hair too often dries out the hair.

How do you protect your hair from the sun?

No worries. We give you a number of tips to protect your hair from the sun.

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