How To Dress Well With Finest Jeans For Spring?


This is the time to opt for mid-season jackets with light dresses and stand out her finest jeans. You will learn all about how to dress well for spring!

Spring, our favorite period. Between winter and full summer, it allows us to properly associate the trendiest pieces of the season.

Ah, spring. Every winter, we look forward to it. After wearing a big coat for months, we are eager to switch to the mid-season jackets.

The problem is that during this period of transition from full winter to summer, temperatures often fluctuate between 8 and 22 degrees. In other words, we do not know how to dress!

You know the system: it’s cold in the morning, hot in the afternoon and we hesitate between all our summer and winter clothes. In addition to all this, we would like to remain stylish, but it is not easy to stick to fashion trends with all these obligations.

We hesitate between all our summer and winter clothes

And well, the half season is the best to have style and opt for looks that look great!

We give you all our good ideas to dress well for the spring while remaining stylish according to the variations of temperature!

How to dress when it’s 15 degrees?

At this temperature, we are still a little bit in the winter. The adage “in April does not reveal to you a thread” has never been so true!

To not get cold while leaving your coat too hot, just adopt the right combinations mode.

And why not embark on the trend of layering. Given the temperature changes, go for the onion technique! You multiply the layers and remove them as your day progresses.

In the morning you can opt for a basic white t-shirt. Add an oversize knit vest, a perfecto and a big scarf! With that, you’re sure you’re not cold.

If you are afraid of being too cold, do not hesitate to wear all your winter sweaters. Just add a mid-season jacket, and you’re done!

How to dress when it’s 20 degrees?

Spring is really here! But be careful, this is not a reason to get out your poom poom shorts.

We opt instead for light dresses, embellished with a long trench or a jacket in denim. The mid-season jackets are your best friends for the hottest days of spring.

What we adore is that we can wear everything or almost everything. Jean, chino, palazzo pants, skirt, bomber, midi skirt, dress, t-shirt, waistcoat, etc.

Side tops, we opt for light blouses, small shirts, and message t-shirts. In short, in spring, you can dare all combinations!

Dressing in the spring: colors and prints

Spring is the time to dare bright or pastel colors! Powdered pink, light yellow, sky blue, these colors will necessarily brighten up your outfit.

The most adventurous will be able to opt for a color block look, with red or yellow pieces. With this, you are sure to look good AND to be a pile in the trend!

On the printed side, you can wear everything. Of course, floral patterns are the most popular for spring. But it’s up to you to mix the stripes, the peas, the tiles, the animals, and so on. Attention, you must, however, master the art of mix N match.

Trendy spring fashion accessories

For trendy accessories, you have carte blanche! One rule have fun!

The first thing is to not forget her pretty sunglasses. It is the indispensable spring-summer accessory.

For shoes, drop the boots! After 4 or 5 months of winter, you’ve seen them enough, right? Make way for white sneakers, sneakers, small sandals (only for the hottest days).

You can also crack for moccasins, neo-ballerinas or derbies.

For handbags, it’s up to you. But maybe it’s an opportunity to wear a trendy basket?

So who is the most stylish of spring?

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