These 15 Easter Cakes Will Melt You + Gourmet ideas For The Easter 2020 2021


Dark chocolate, white chocolate, nougatine or pecan: Easter eggs promise to be damn greedy. Of course, tradition has it that Easter rhymes with egg hunting. Still, no one will be offended if you continue the chocolate course with delicious Easter cakes!

Here are the Gourmet Easter Cakes ideas.

The Case Of The Easter Cakes In The USA

Hop, a wicker basket, a pair of rubber boots, and your determination: the egg hunt looked pretty much like that in your childhood.

Once your booty was warmed up, mum and dad took care to put them aside previously, the story that you are still hungry in front of your leg of lamb / mashed potatoes.

There, if you had little brothers and sisters, there was also a question of making a fair share, something you were working without real conviction.

In the United States, Easter is on a whole new level. A little like all their holidays, in reality, their illuminations at Christmas time prove it easily.

At home, no question of sticking to the hunt for chocolate eggs! The house must be decorated, while a sublime “Easter cakes” sits on the table.

We willingly prick them the idea to reproduce, in our way, a sublime festive cake. Cocorico!

Let’s All Cheer On The Easter Cakes

Simply because, besides being good, Easter cakes have a good idea of BEAUTIFUL.

Do you already see the wonders of children (and adults)?

The principle is simple. Make a recipe delicious cake as you know so well how: chocolate cake, yogurt cake, sponge cake … And Pimp-the colors and flavors of Easter.

Result? These original creations easily reach the podium of our favorite recipes! Because they are super easy to make and put their eyes full.

Our Favorite Easter Cakes Recipes

The rabbit and the bells are in the spotlight! At the head of the bill? The carrot cake obviously. A more pimp with a nice little rabbit to chew, or fake carrots in sugar pastes. Gourmandise assured!

The four-quarter containing a nice little rabbit in dark chocolate will also make its small effect. It’s up to you to vote for your favorite!

In another genre, the pinata cake is all the rage. Do you not know the concept? It is about making a cake and hiding in its center all sorts of delicacies.

By cutting the first part, the eyes are illuminated and the mouths salivate!

>> And you? What Easter cakes will you crack?




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