On the threshold of autumn, it is with a certain hesitation that we choose our outfits for the day. Although theoretically, the transition season is upon us, the weather continues to offer us surprises.

So, we ask ourselves the question more and more often: But in fact, how should we dress when it’s 23 degrees in September?

If the fashion dilemma is also preoccupying your thoughts, don’t wait any longer to check out our simple tips for displaying a look in harmony with the weather but also the approaching season.

How to dress when it’s 23 degrees in September?

Looking for inspiration for your next September outfit?

We share with you some ideas that are both practical and very nice to steal from us without any remorse.

Focus on the best ideas for how to dress when it’s 23 degrees in September

How To Dress When It's 23 Degrees In September Long Dress With Brown Ruffles

Integrate the denim dress into your seasonal wardrobe

What is the simplest alternative to respond to the vagaries of the weather in September?

The denim dress, of course! Above all, we are talking here about one of the star materials of the year 2023. It was not by chance that we explained to you how to wear denim in spring-summer! And indeed, the denim dress is an excellent multifaceted piece for mid-season. Depending on the shoes with which you match it, you can obtain a result consistent with the weather.

The denim dress is a versatile fashion piece that fits perfectly into our outfits of the moment

Outfit In A Short Denim Dress Brown Leather Ankle Boots Belt Bag


Is it 23 degrees? So, just put on the denim dress and combine it with a pair of flat sandals for a comfortable stroll around town.

It can be easily combined with all kinds of shoes depending on the weather

How To Wear Denim Dress Long Sleeves Beige Sandals Bag Sunglasses


A few clouds are rising on the horizon and you feel a breeze of cooler air. Swap summer sandals for white sneakers and put a light shirt or your favorite sweatshirt in your fabric bag to face the surprises of the weather with complete peace of mind.

The denim dress is an excellent fashion ally in hot weather as well as in cool weather

Short Denim Dress White T Shirt Sneakers Beige Bag Pull Over


Combo: summer clothes and shirt tied around the waist

If it’s between 20°C and 25°C, that means you can still take full advantage of your summer fashion arsenal. To still play the insight card (because you never know when a smile from the sun will instantly transform into a gray expression from the sky), we have the perfect tip! It involves tying a shirt around the waist. This works ideally in almost any configuration: with a skirt, with shorts, or even with a dress.

Khaki Shirt Tied Around The Waist Short Black Dress Buttons White Sneakers


Outfit with a suede skirt

Like denim, suede is a great material for the transitional season. And honestly, we love the cozy note it adds to our fall looks. However, is it possible to succumb to suede when it’s still a little hot outside? Definitely, yes! To do this, you just have to replace the typical suede jacket for the season with a suede skirt. Match this cocooning piece with a tank top or t-shirt and that’s it! All you have to do is add your favorite sunglasses and why not, a hat on your head?!

Outfit In Brown Suede Skirt White Tank Top Gold Necklace Sunglasses


Summer pieces in fall colors

Are you already in an autumn mood while still shining under the strong sun? No worries, there’s a fashion tip for every situation! simpler than opting for light and breathable clothing, but in autumn colors.

Long Split Dress Autumn Color Fashion White Shoes Handbag

In your summer collection, you certainly have pieces in shades of brown, yellow, orange, burgundy, khaki green, and gray, or why not neutral tones like white and black?

High-Waisted Pants Orange Color Yellow Clothing. Mustard White Tank Top

Emphasis on dark floral prints

Undeniably, dark floral prints reach their peak during mid-season. This type of pattern is perfect for making a smooth transition to fall while respecting the dress code imposed by the weather. In hot weather in September, think about flowing, light dresses, jumpsuits, dark shirts, or skirts with pretty floral accents.

Wear your summer clothes while making a gentle and light transition into the approaching season

Black Dress Flower Patterns Black Leather Bag White Scarf Black Varnish Manicure

What is your favorite outfit at the moment? Do you have favorite fashion pieces that adapt to the vagaries of the weather, no matter the season? Give us your fashion tips in the following post:

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