Tips For Shoe Care! Avoid Wearing the same Pair of Shoes


Discover these shoe tips so simple to find your shoes like new!

Tips For Shoe Care

Simple Rules to follow

We all have a favorite pair of shoes often because it is “new and follows the trend of the moment.” Practical matter, these shoes are much more comfortable than others it seems. We each our shoes “fetishes” And yet, behold, ideally, it is better to avoid wearing the same pair of shoes two days in a row to let them breathe.

You should also know that at the end of the day instead of directly enclose your shoes in the closet it is necessary to aerate, and summer and winter.

When it rains it is even necessary to disinfect the inside of your shoes with a spray. This will prevent the mushrooms grow there. Otherwise, consider the stuff of newspaper to dry in air. Effective to absorb moisture and prevent your shoes deform!

Whether wet or not the shoes should not be aired near a heat source, eg a radiator. This will prevent leather shoes from cracking quickly! Similarly, prefer cool in the open air, while avoiding direct sun rays that promote discoloration.

Each subject, the suitable product

Of course, keep these shoes necessarily passes through the dust. Even locked in your closet, your shoes should be kept clean. This is an essential step, knowing that both your shoes should be cleaned at the same time even if one is cleaner than the other!

Just keep a soft cloth for this. Of course, it is highly recommended to place them in a dry place preferably in their original box. “The” real interview should ideally be done every two weeks for your shoes appear at their best!

For the maintenance of your leather shoes hardware side you’ll need an old cotton cloth and a good polish.

They are suede?

Choose brush clothing. For canvas shoes just clean them with a clean sponge that you have previously soaked in water. For the maintenance of patent leather shoes simply apply a light cream with a cloth every fortnight!

Of course, all types of shoes should not be met with the same products; some materials are more sensitive than others. Make sure that the cleaner is then adapted.

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