Heidi Klum Punk Hairstyle Former Victoria’s Secret Angel


Heidi Klum punk hairstyle took a break in employment of ultra-busy schedule to go to a charity gala in New York. During this event, the German beauty appeared with ultra-stylish hairstyle. At 40, Heidi Klum stills much to talk about it. It must be said that despite the years, has maintained its top plastic dream and her undeniable sense of style.

Heidi Klum Punk Hairstyle From The Side

Heidi Klum Punk Hairstyle

Today, she left the catwalk for the media, and not surprisingly, it did not take long to occupy a prominent place. Between her role as presenter for Project Runway and America’s Got Talent juror, former Victoria’s Secret Angel continues to lead a very exciting life. Despite her busy schedule, due to many German and American programs in which it participates, the wife of ex Seal could go to charity gala Up2Us to promote sport among young people. For the occasion, Heidi Klum made a surprise by appearing with a new hairstyle, full of style. She had wavy hair, wearing cascade and from the side.

Heidi Klum Punk Hairstyle

Heidi Klum: Blow of heart for his punk hairstyle

She added to these rather original two braids hairstyle stuck. Heidi Klum punk hairstyle was totally the star and gave him a teenage air. With this, she opted for smoky eyes and red light nude lips matched her blush, a beauty glamorous.

Heidi Klum Punk Hairstyle-01

Heidi Klum punk hairstyle with this new hairstyle that is likely to continue to talk about it, Heidi Klum knows how to play the femme fatales even when it adopts a punk look. That’s elegance. She wore a black lace top and transparent skirt with split tabby patterns on the front. For matching her outfit, she has focused on black bracelets and matching sandals high. Heidi Klum was more sublime and more radiant than ever.

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