How to Create An Evening Make-Up In 10 Minutes?

Evening make-up

Evening make-up sometimes we have to go straight from the ship to the ball but what if the creation of a celebratory kind of running out of time?

Chose five products with which the evening make-up can be done in just a few minutes.

To create a bright make-up does not have to use a lot of cosmetics. Enough to have on hand concealer matting powder, blush, eyeliner, and, of course, lipstick or gloss & Let’s get started!

Evening Make-Up

How To Apply Evening Make-up For Party


An indispensable tool that will instantly get rid of traces of rough work, namely, the dark circles under the eyes – the concealer.

However, keep it in your evening make-up bag can be not only for the ability.

Concealer having a light texture like cream moisturizes and revitalizes the delicate skin and makes it less noticeable stains that may remain from the traces of the liner as it has a brightening effect.

Matte Powder

Surprisingly, it was matting agents make the skin more healthy and smooth. They hide the shine and redness, skin gets smooth and velvety tone & Matte Powder – the best tool for instant preobrazhenie.

You can apply it with a sponge or a fluffy brush does not forget to walk through the brush along the lash line and under the chin, so that there were no clear boundaries between the color of the face and neck.

Powder Bronzer will give the effect of a healthy vibrant skin tone but it must be used carefully. Take your powder slightly darker shade and put it on the cheekbones, the brush on the bridge of the nose and along the hairline to give a person a sculptural quality.


Matt leather, a little bronzer and effect…. Blush! This trio will give the skin a truly healthy glow. If you are not used brightly painted, then you should not experiment when every minute counts, it still does not work and an unnatural appearance only deprive you of confidence.

Choose natural peach or coral shades such skin color and give a fresh glow. A bit of blush can be applied on the eyelids; it will give the organic whole image and will make a deeper, just for the evening.


Eye shadow or eyeliner – the fastest and easiest way to add dramatic evening make-up & you can create smoky eyes, it is important to remember that the top line was a little wider than the bottom. You can also lightly feather the line with your finger and put on top of shadow with glitter.

These have several advantages: no need careful use they can also be applied with your finger, give a festive look and depth of makeup.

You can choose instead of the usual black-brown or gray pencil. These shades will look a little softer but also bright.

Lip Gloss

Pure color and shimmer always look good on the lips. So shine, this is another indispensable tool for beauticians. It can be applied alone or over your favorite lipstick, and in both cases turn out stunning effect.

If you apply it on the eyelids a little gold eye shadow, you get a festive evening make-up. The only time, gently mix the shadows with such other shades, the wrong choice will make dirty. To play it safe, you can instead of bright shiny, use a shade with a slight shimmer.

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