Autumn Winter Nails 2020 2021- A Beautiful Nail Design Ideas


In this article, you will find plenty of inspiration for a beautiful nail design for the autumn-winter 2020 2021. When the days get shorter and the evenings colder, then the autumn has arrived! And that is, it is time to replace the summer nail design with beautiful autumn motifs and colors.

Check out the most popular trends for autumn-winter nails 2020 and find the best design for you.

The Most Popular Nail Polish Paints For Autumn Nails 2020 2021

Autumn is one of the most colorful seasons and therefore offers a wide color palette for the autumnal nails. Covered colors such as black, khaki, other or beige are just as popular and are perfect for a single-colored autumn nail design.

The trendy wet-look, which is the vogue with the hair and hairstyles this year, is also very good for the autumn nails 2020 2021. For this purpose, extra stark glossy nail polishes and gel nails are the best.

Dark Color Nail Polish With Logo

The catwalk trends from the autumn fashion weeks have put an emphasis on the nail design with logos. The Marc Jacobs manicure with golden letters on dark brown nail polish has introduced the stylish nail art trend.

Geometric Nail Tips

Geometrical patterns and motifs remain in the trend for the autumn and can be designed for a beautiful nail design in a variety of ways.

It creates a cool variation of the French nails. Various colors and combinations of colors, which are typical for the autumn, are suitable for this.

Nude Nail Polish Geometric Motifs

Different geometric shapes can make a neutral nude sound beautifully in the scene and spice up nicely. With points, stripes, triangles, and squares, not only the nail tips but also the nail halo can be emphasized. Very stylish look monochrome colors such as black or white.

Color Blocking Trend For Autumn Nails 2020 2021

Probably the most colorful trend of the year is color blocking. They are generally geometric shapes, painted with different nail polish colors on the nails. The colorful combination of similar, bright colors fit quite well.

Color Blocking Nail Polish

The Color Blocking is perfect for an autumnal nail design because the colorful color combinations recall the color palette of the autumn.

Black Motifs

In the nail design autumn 2020 2021, Schwarz is making a comeback for various ornamental elements on the nails. Whether stripes, points or just doodle, the black color is perfect for beautiful accents.

The fingernails in a natural tone to paint and the nail Crescent with black nail polish to make it easy to make itself and is currently completely in the trend.

Nude Nail Polish Black Elements

Dry Brush Nail Design For Autumn

One of the most popular trends for autumn nails 2020 2021 is the so-called Dry Brush technique.

Dry Brush Brand Nail Design Gold

For this, the paint on the bottle edge so long, until only little remains on the brush. Wait for a few seconds until the color remains slightly dry. This results in a great dry brushed effect. Choose suitable colors for autumn and create a beautiful autumnal manicure.

French With Colored Tip

French nails are a timeless trend that is easy in every season in vogue. However, more or less the tendencies in the French Nail design are changing. This autumn, colored nail tips are particularly effective.

Nail Polishes with glitter or metallic effect are perfect for this. Combinations of both designs look just as great.

French Manicure Rose

Nude Tones For The Autumnal Nails

If you want a more natural look for the fingernails, nail polish in nude tones is definitely right. Glitter, nail stickers and decorative patterns with dots and stripes can spice up every simple nude tone.

Nude Tones Nail Polish Trend

If you would like to create an autumnal nail design on your fingernails, this beautiful idea is perfect for you. As a base coat, you can use both a nude color, a dark autumn color or why not black.

For this, you need a thin nail art brush, which you dive in a contrasting color and paint straight and oblique lines on the fingernails.

Glitter and Gold

Although natural nails and neutral colors prevail this season in the autumn nail design, sparkling manicures also remain a trend. Nail design with glitter gives every festive outfit the special something and ensures a striking look.

For a beautiful autumnal manicure with glitter, glitter nail polish in bronze, gold, silver, and copper are best. These can be combined into a uniform design or applied individually.

Autumn Glittery Brand Nail Design

Nail designs with gilded elements are perfect for the autumn nails 2020. The accents in gold remind you of the golden autumn, even if no autumn leaves adorn the fingernails. Gold glitter can be applied both over single-color nail polish, as well as a decorative accent for elaborate nail art.

Autumn Nails 2020 2021 In Marble Look

Marble nails are one of the biggest nail polish trends for 2020 and remain in the spotlight also in the autumn nails. Whether white or black marble you decide for yourself.

Black Marble Brand Nail Design Autumn

Gel nails are particularly suitable for this autumnal nail design because they give the whole design a great, shiny finish.

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