French Manicure Photo: French Nail Novelty Design Drawings Fall 2021 2022


If a girl wants to make a full French Manicure image, it is necessary to pay attention to nails design. 2021 2021 is rich with new French Manicure trends that affected manicure – it paints Metallic colors, juicy shades for mono-printing, geometric prints, and interesting harping classic nail art techniques.

Lovers of the elegant and original image will appreciate the French nail Photo innovations. With images collected from fashion shows, you like fair design can learn many interesting ideas for creating classic French manicure.

French – a type of design nail plate, which is always appropriate. It is perfect for everyday or festive image. Classic French manicure-like brides who want to look great at the main celebration of her life. Restrained and stylish, this nail art as well emphasizes business style.

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  1. French on short nails. Sharp, square, almond-shaped nail plate fades into the background, giving a neatly rounded edge and a small length. Extending through increasing also barely used by famous masters of nail design Trend of the year – the natural, and therefore practical for short nails perfect elegant and discreet French manicure.
  2. Calm tones. This season autumn-winter preferably complies with bright colors. Contrast, color, bright jacket design will look good in the summer season.
  3. The unusual shape of “smile”. If you want to stand out without using bright colors, perfect solution – do not coat design with a classic crescent, and with a triangle wave, V-shaped figure in her place.
  4. The combination of two styles. French and monthly manicures complement each other, will look original. To create them you need to paint the free edge of the nail, as in the normal version of nail art and cuticle draw near the crescent.
  5. Color blocks. A few favorites, combined together shades will look great. The ladies can use hard or soft shapes, creating a design nail plate.

Classic White Nail French Manicure

Delicate and elegant French manicure, which uses pale pink, clear and white varnish, perfect for any image. This nail art girl can create a wedding, business, non-formal or casual style. This classic version goes out of style, always staying on the top trends. It looks great on short or long natural nail plate of any shape.

More highlights her beauty is well suited for a pedicure.

Classic white Looks Great on Short or Long Natural Nail Plate of Any Shape

See Nail Design 2021 2022 photo novelty classic decoration nail plate:

Color or Black Nail Design

Annual color manicures, which are used for pastel or bright colors, can become a final chord of a beautiful image of the girl. The ladies can use their favorite colors: cyan, yellow, green, orange or red.

Popular this season, purple, mint, blue shades. Another interesting trend – the dark manicure for which designers are black, deep blue, brown colors. Colored varnish can be applied to the nail plate or decorate the place the crescent at its edge.

Dark Manicure Are Used for Pastel or Bright Colors, Applied To The Nail Plate of Any Shape, type design nail plate, Classic French manicure

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Reverse Stylish looks

Unusually stylish looks and appliances, where the crescent is not located at the edges of the nail, and near the cuticle. The ladies can combine two contrasting colors or pastel to create beautiful nail art corresponding to its style.

Reverse jacket design will complement the bright holiday or everyday image. Since it perfectly combines the decorative details such as sequins and stones located on the bias line or over the “smile”.

See the original reverse French nails new picture:

Reverse French Nails

French Millennium Nails Designs

If you want to make a colorful manicure, women can use the technique of French-millennium for her designers to use special glitter varnish covering the place where the classic version is a white crescent.

This nail art perfects for New Year’s image. Decorating can jacket-millennium gold, silver sequins. The shorter the nail, the smaller it should be decorative elements. Large sequins visually shorten the nail plate.

See Beautiful Images Of Glowing Jacket:

French Millennium Special Glitter Varnish French Nails

Monthly or Hollywood Nail Art

Popularity original French manicure growing every year and designers are coming up with new ways to design. The lunar design looks interesting and unusual, drawing attention to the well-groomed nails the fair se-x.

There are many options for its creation: the crescent of the cuticle can be a bright color, pastel, transparent depending on the wishes of the girl. This year the combined monthly fashionable jacket design with a picture of a smile on the edge of the nail.

See an unusual coat on nails Photo innovations in 2022:

Monthly Original French Manicure or Hollywood Nail Art

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Black Nails With Stones

Large or small stones, which are attached to the nail plate after creating a manicure, look bright and festive. This season is not welcome their large number, but a few stylish stones arranged on one nail, nail design help makes beautiful.

Owners of small short nails should choose small decorative elements while the decoration will look organically. Popular options drafting of several stones in geometric shapes – triangles, squares, circles.

See the photo design:

Beautiful Stylish Nail Design with Large or Small Stones

the nail With sequins and metal inserts

Shining Rhinestones is wonderful decorations of classical, monthly or reverse french manicure. Use a small number of parts to make out a few nails to nail art looks exquisite and elegant.

It will be interesting to look jacket, decorated with metal inserts. This design appeared on the wave of popularity-metallic lacquers and provides a variety of options execution.

Nail Art Looks With Sequins And Metal Inserts

Recent Figures on the French Manicure in 2021 2022

To give the French original designers decorate her beautiful paintings. It can be used for conventional paints or acrylic. The pictures look great on a two-tone French manicure, making one or more nails.

This season popular geometric shapes, images of plants and animals for wedding image well-suited nail art, decorated with stylish openwork patterns.

See manicures and pedicures 2021 2022 fashion trends drawings:

Recent figures on the French manicure

Many girls cover nails with a special gel to French manicure and kept well for a long time to please their possessor. This technique helps protect the nail plate from the environment for a long time to fix nail polish, nail art, therefore, does not have to remake a few days.

Gel nails look neat, well-groomed, and beautiful, helping the fair sex look great. To gather ideas for decoration gel nail plate, see an interesting video with this embodiment stylish jacket:

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New French manicure on short and long nails – photo

Trends French manicure varies depending on the time of year. What is appropriate and looks wonderful in summer, winter can look very bright and defiant. To the ladies can better navigate the new items for every season, were selected pictures, which depicted the latest fashion trends of 2021 2022.

See below two interesting collections for autumn-winter and spring-summer.

Autumn-Winter nails 2021 2022

In the coming winter, designers have relied on natural, using the French manicure calm light shades. To nail art brighter, she is able to use the technique millennium, reverse, or monthly design. Suppose decoration nail plate crystals, small metal inserts stones, and pale drawings.

See manicure on short nails Design Photo 2021 2022:

French Manicure Nail Plate Crystals, Small Metal Inserts Stones

Spring-Summer short nails 2021 2022

The annual jacket gives more room for imagination.

French Manicure On Short Nails Design Photo

Unusually will look like nail art with rosy hues…

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