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The question of how to make a French Manicure (French Nail Polish) is one of the most sought-after questions by women recently.

If you are tired of going to the hairdresser to do a French Manicure, you will be able to apply French Nail Polish at home with the simple methods we will give you.

Here you will be able to learn the answer to the question of How to Make a French Manicure (French Nail Polish) that you can do step by step.

This question is asked a lot by women. If you want to apply French nail polish on your own without going to the hairdresser at home, you are in the right place. By applying the methods we will give you one by one, you can make your nails feel like you have gone to the hairdresser.

Here is the answer to the question of How to Make a French Manicure (French Nail Polish)…

Nail care is one of the indispensable beauty secrets for women. You can show your nails more well-groomed than they are with methods that you can easily apply at home.

Cut Your Nails

Cut your nails to the length you want. Make sure they’re all equal and remember that the longer your nails, the better your manicure will look.

Shape Your Nails

Take a nail file and give your nails the shape you want, round or square.

Wet Your Hands

Soak your hands in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes. Then ameatPush back the meat on your nail bottoms with push scissors. Clean the dirt under your nails with the other end of the scissors.

Lubricate Your Nails

To prepare your nails, lubricate the top of your nails with cuticle oil.

Polish Your Nails

Your nails are now ready for the nail polish release. Apply a thin layer of pink polish to your nails and let them dry for a few minutes.

Use Nail Tapes

You can use the tapes sold to make French, or you can create tape yourself from household equipment. Paint the tips of your nails in a straight line with white nail polish. Let it dry for a few minutes.

Remove The Tapes

Remove the nail tape and reapply the pink nail polish. After your nail polish dries, your manicure will be complete.