11 Things To Know Before You Do Gel Nails For The First Time


Do you want to make gel nails? Then be sure to read through these 10 things you should know beforehand.

Great long nails in bright colors or with a French manicure. Not only stars like Bibis Beauty Palace and Dagi Bee wear elongated gel nails, with us it is becoming more and more a trend because it just looks great. But what do you need to know before you have any gel nails made and can it also be unhealthy?

We’ll tell you what you need to know before getting gel nails done.

Gel Nails With A French Manicure

01. Can my nails hold gel nails?

Many girls get gel nails done because their real nails are brittle. However, if you have healthy and beautiful nails, you should note that they can become brittle after using gel nails . Because gel nails constrict oxygen from the nail and the nail beds suffer from the procedure.

02. Am I allergic?

Note that your nails can be allergic to the gel nails. If your hands show a red rash after the modeling or the skin becomes scaly and pimply, you probably cannot tolerate the UV gel. If this happens, or if the artificial nails cause you pain, you should have them professionally removed by the nail designer.

03. Do acrylic nails or gel nails?

There are different types of artificial nails. The two most commonly used methods are UV gel and acrylic. Acrylic is easier to apply and lasts better, but gel nails are usually more expensive.

Acrylic Nails

The mass with which acrylic nails are applied is freshly made from acrylic powder and modeling liquid. The end result is hard and very hard-wearing and particularly suitable for you if your lifestyle or your part-time job puts a lot of strain on your nails.

Gel Nails

If you choose gel nails, you will be given a three-layer gel layer that is hardened under a UV lamp. Then the nails can be varnished and filed as desired.

UV Lamps or LED Lamps?

There are also differences when it comes to lamps. Some nail salons have UV lamps, others use LED lamps. But what’s the difference? UV lamps dry all types of nail polish and are therefore so popular. However, LED lamps also have some advantages. They dry the paint faster and last a little longer. Unfortunately, they are usually a little more expensive.

04. Can I afford to have gel nails done?

In good nail salons, the first model location costs 30 to 70 euros. Refilling is then a little cheaper and also includes removing the old nails. If you want to have gel nails permanently, you have to go to the nail salon every 3 to 4 weeks, and unfortunately this will cost money in the long run.

05. Which nail salon should I choose?

A good nail salon is important. Asia nail shops are often discouraged on the Internet, but you can also find good shops among them if you search well. The best thing to do is google for nail salons near you and read the online reviews.

06. Color or French manicure?

When you are in the nail salon there are many looks to choose from! The most popular are gel nails with a French manicure look, i.e. clear varnish with white tips.

You see the least when the nails grow out. If you choose a color, we advise you not to choose a dark color if you are unsure. Because you can easily paint over lighter varnishes at home with nail polish without the gel coming off. With dark paints, the color often shimmers through!

07. Can I handle gel nails?

Gel nails look great, but can be annoying. Especially when they are long, they are annoying when doing household chores or when you type on the cell phone or keyboard of the PC. If you drop money, it can take forever to pick it up again.

Nail chewing is also over with gel nails. While that’s a good thing, you should prepare yourself beforehand if you’re a nail chewer. Our tip: test artificial nails from the drugstore. They don’t last that long, but you can try out how it feels.

08. Help, nail broken off!

If gel gets off the nail somewhere, you should have it repaired as soon as possible, because bacteria can settle there and infect your nails. Many nail salons fill up broken nails for 5 to 10 euros.

09. How do I get gel nails back?

It is best to go to the nail salon where you have your gel nails done. Some try to nibble off or break off the gel or hard acrylic from the nails. We strongly advise against this, as this will only cause much greater damage to your own nails!

In the nail salon, the nail designers know exactly how to remove your gel nails painlessly. Do not be alarmed if you suddenly notice how thin your nail bed is – this is “unfortunately” normal. After that, your own nails need a lot of care and especially with nail oil you can help to stimulate the healthy growth of your nails.

10. Do guys like gel nails?

If you absolutely want to have gel nails, you can try it. But don’t just do it because a boy or your BFF is pushing you to do it. Did you know The majority of the boys hate long gel nails and find the natural fingernails more beautiful. But that shouldn’t stop you if you want to. Listen to your heart. After all, you do it for yourself and you should like it!

11. Can I paint my gel nails?

As already mentioned above, we recommend that you have your nails done in bright colors. The advantage of this is that you can then paint your gel nails with your own nail polish.

If you want to remove the nail polish from your gel nails, you should definitely use acetone-free nail polish removers! Because the nail polish remover that contains acetone can damage the gel and soften it. Then you have broken nails and the money was free!

How long do the gel nails last?

Gel nails last for different lengths of time. As a rule, the nails are filled in about every four weeks . But that depends on several factors. For example, how well the nail designer applies the gel.

Sometimes, after two weeks, the nails unfortunately do not look so beautiful and grew out because the gel was not applied high enough. The growth of your own nails also plays an important role.

In addition, the color of the gel is also a factor that plays a role. Some girls or women go to refill the gel nails every two weeks because with colored gel nails it is easier to see when the nails have grown.

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