White Gel Nails Inspiration: Nice Ideas For The Winter Season 2021


So, white gel nails are ideal for the cold season. The use of gel nail polish or shellac makes the manicure durable and beautiful for up to three weeks.

White is also the ideal basis for colorful ornaments such as red Christmas balls and Co. If you soon have a date for a manicure, you can be inspired by these beautiful ideas for white gel nails. And who have a UV nail lamp and all the necessary utensils can try to beautify their own nails with a simple nail design.

White Gel Nails

Gel nails in white are anything but boring. From subtle and elegant to eye-catching and glamorous – there are a variety of design options for the white winter manicure.

Unlike traditional nail polish in white, which sometimes looks a bit strange, the gel characterized by a beautiful shine and leaves the complexion look particularly fresh. Whether short or long, oval or rectangular, gel nails in white always look glamorous.

Classic French Nails

Gel Nails French White And Nude Pattern

This classic nail design is extremely elegant and fits every occasion and every season. A semi-transparent, cream-colored base coat forms the perfect basis for subtle, filigree decorative elements such as flourishes, lace patterns, or spring motifs.

Half Moon Nail Design In White

White Gel Nails

The crescent nails are known as “Reversed French”. In this case, a semicircle on the cuticle either painted white or left blank. The empty areas highlighted with dots or pebbles. This nail design looks best on rectangular nails. Whoever has small or oval nails should do without half-moon nails.

White Gel Nails With Gradient

White Gel Nails

Nails with gradient still called gradient or ombre nails, look very chic and modern. For a pleasant contrast, choose a soft pastel tone for white. The combination of white and ice blue, for example, gives a pleasant impression and exudes a hint of ice magic. Silver accents complete the frosty look perfectly.

White Gel Nails

White Gel Nails With Drawings, Stickers, Stamps, And Co.

White Gel Nails

A white undercoat creates the perfect foundation for creative nail-art or inspiring designs.

Professional nail designers like to show their artistic talent and can paint entire winter landscapes on their fingernails. If you do not handle the brush so well, you can resort to stickers and stamps.

White Gel Nails

Matte Gel Nails

White Gel Nails

Matt-look nails have been trendy for a few years now. This matte nail polishes bribe by their simplicity and velvety surface.

Another plus: glitter and rhinestones are even more effective on the matt base coat.

Knit Optics

White Gel Nails

When temperatures drop below zero outside, everyone wants to surround themselves with cozy and warm things. That’s why this magical nail design trend is perfect for the wintertime! The knitting patterns created with a special 3D nail polish and look very similar to our wool sweaters!

Nail Art Design With Velvet Sand

Gel Nails White With Sugar Effect Winter Motives

Also very interesting are nail designs with a sugar effect. This nail art technique uses special glitter dust. First, the pattern painted on the fingernails with a thin brush, and then the powder sprinkled on it. Once the gel dried under UV light, you can remove the excess velveteen with a fan brush.

Gel Nails Oval Bird Drawing On White Base Coat
Short White Gel Nails Glitter Red Christmas Ball With Pebbles
Rectangular Gel Nails Winter Matt Dark Blue Black Tip And Pebbles
Gel Nails With Progress From White To Beige And Golden Glitter On The Middle Finger
Beautiful Gel Nails In Dark Blue And White 3d Rose And Pebbles On Ring Finger
Sharp Gel Nails In White And Dark Blue With Glitter Winter
White Gel Nails
Gel Nails In White And Gold Idea For The Holidays
Nail Art Design For The Winter In Gold And White Elegant And Beautiful
Gel Nails Dull White Pebbles Pastel Colors
White Gel Nails Rectangular 3d Snowflake Rhinestones
Gel Nails Short French Snowflakes 3d Ornaments
Short Gel Nails In White Rectangular Nail Shape Pebbles
Gel Nails White With Marble Effect Rectangular
White Gel Nails
White Gel Nails Rectangular Geometric Motif On Ring Finger Silver Glitter Paint On Small Finger
White Gel Nails
White Gel Nails
Oval Gel Nails Silver And White With Stones On The Ring Finger
White Gel Nails Idea For New Years Eve Party Clock Motif
White Gel Nails Rectangular With Black Filigree Ornaments And Red Accents
White Gel Nails
White Gel Nails
White Gel Nails

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