11 Stylish Ideas For Pampering Naked Nails

No need to put three coats of nail polish to have a nice manicure: discover 11 ways to sublimate naked nails

The nails perfectly manicured, it is not the delusion of everyone and we will tell you a trick: even the trend of the moment has moved on to something else. If the resin doll claws or the sophisticated nail art are still current, naked nails have succeeded in making a place among the nailists, complexed at the idea of displaying cleansed hands or almost.

For a few months now, the manicures have been gradually relieving themselves of the classic equation “base + 2 layers of lacquer + top coat” and dare to unveil naked, simply decorated minimalist designs. No need to have multiplied layers of nail polish to achieve a nail art: half moons, patterns, French manicures, Mottling and other graphics directly on the uncovered nail. Whether you like beautifully manicured nails or you prefer to keep them as is, you will not be insensitive to these stylish ideas to dress naked nails.

With lines

One line or several, thin or thick, straight or wavy, vertical or horizontal, colored or black & white … the possibilities are endless, and the rendering is guaranteed!

A Nail Art With Colored Lines

With Traces Paint Way

At the base of the nail or in the border, the painted patterns are ultra popular and are displayed Moreover all the more stylish without lacquer underneath.

A Manicure Scratched Painting

A Manicure Scratched Painting

A Nail Art Way Paint Drops

A Nail Art Way Paint Drops

With Patterns

Nothing could be easier than to draw little stars, pretty feathers or adorable fruits on the nails; we think we almost returned to college when we decorated our nails to the Blanco (better!)

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A Starry Nail Art

Manicure, Nail Art, Nail Polish, Manicure Nude, Nail Art Nude, Nail Art Nude, Nail Art Gucci, Manicure Gucci

Gucci Inspired Nail Art

With Lettering

After the embroidered t-shirts and embroidered beach hats, our nails display letters, all-over or by keys. Typo manuscripts, Gothic writing … anything’s possible!

Manicure, Nail Art, Nail Polish, Transparent Manicure, Nude Manicure, Nail Art Transparent, Nail Art Nude

A Manicure With Message

Manicure, Nail Art, Nail Polish, Transparent Manicure, Nude Manicure, Nail Art Transparent, Nail Art

A Gothic Lettering Manicure

With Logos

No need to varnish the entire nail to wear a branded nail art: a monogram or logo on a naked nail have just as much appearance!

A Nike Logotyped Manicure

With Points

And if instead of the classic polka-dot manicure, we punctuated our nails with a single point? If the surface has been well prepared and a high gloss transparent lacquer has been previously applied, the result is far from being boring!

A Simple Manicure With Classic Polka-Dot A Manicure With Classic Polka-Dot

With Half Moons

In a retro pin up the spirit, we love the idea of flashy half moons on make-up nails. An original alternative to the French manicure, view, and review.

A Nail Art With Half Moons Graphics A Manicure With Half Moons

With golden thread

If some affix succulent plants on their nails, the idea of decorating them with golden wire (to jewelry, for example) does not seem so WTF. Moreover, we can even shape it to create shapes: it opens the field of possibilities!

A Manicure With Gold A Gilded Manicure

With Contours

Instead of filling the inside of the nail with a pretty lacquer, we merely highlight the contours with a fine brush: the rendering is top when the nails are rather long.

A Nail Art With Only Contours Manicure With Contours

With Mottling

Large (new) classic nailists, marbled effects lend themselves perfectly to nails nude in the true sense of the term. With a white or black varnish, you can not go wrong!

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A Marble Nail Art Style

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A Marble Manicure

With Stickers

Sticking a sticker on its nails, it may seem like a boat, but with the great tendency of the naked manicures that invade us, the stickers find the braid! Nothing simpler when one does not have the dexterity to realize one’s own nail art;)

Manucure, Nail Art, Vernis A Ongles, Manucure Transparente, Manucure Nude, Nail Art Transparent, Nail Art Nude

A Manicure With Stickers Kawaii

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A Nail Art With Mouth Stickers

The next time you take out your varnish box, do not mechanically apply three layers on your nails: get off the beaten path and opt for the nude manicure, she is the new star of Instagram!

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