Nail Design Pictures 2021 2022 – Nail Color Trends In Multi Colors


We have put together not only a beautiful nail design pictures but also great ideas for motifs.

The meadows are finally green again. In red, yellow, orange, blue, purple, pink and many other colors bloom in turn the spring flowers. Both strong and delicate pastel tones are typical.

which you can imitate or use as inspiration depending on the season and festivity.

The same applies to different holidays. On the other hand, you can combine seasons and holidays with certain motifs that you can use for your styling. Today we are dealing with the design of the nails.

Nail Design in Spring

The main thing is bright and cheerful colors. Create a romantic look with bright, discreet pastel tones or access more powerful colors for a more exhilarating look. The latter you can dampen a bit by combining cute motifs or delicate flowers.

Pastel Mint Green Color Nude White Nail Design

In addition to the various flowers and tree blossoms, insects are also suitable as motifs, which now appear gradually. Caterpillars, beetles, and bees are just some of them.

Spring Ladybug Insects Red Color
Spring Elegant Party Stylish Blue Orange Stripe Dots

Choose coconuts, tulips, lilacs or elaborate peonies, which you can either paint yourself or in the form of stickers on the nail. Design small meadows on the nails or a colorful bouquet. Just have a look in the right colors and motifs.

If you want it to be more elegant or glamorous for a party, then do without certain motifs and use simple spring colors to create a simple design for spring or a more neutral pattern.

Geometrical ones are, among other things, very hip and stylish, and can consist of triangles, circles, dots or rectangles, squares and stripes. But do not hesitate to ask yourself something.

The Nail design for Easter

In the spring there are pleasant festivals, which offer a special design of the nails. In addition to Pentecost, this is the Easter festival. The colors here are the same as for spring in general.

Only in relation to the motifs can you get further possibilities. Your manicure is especially funny when you picture colorful Easter eggs or even the Easter bunny.

Easter Spring Meadow Easter Sky Clouds

Try also other typical Easter animals. Chicks, for example, are not difficult to design and can be combined with eggshells, as in the example above in our Nail design picture gallery.

Easter Chicks Dot Pattern Glitter Colorful Colors White

It is also suitable for chickens, sheep, but also Easter bells or flowering spring branches with a tiny Easter bouquet.

Nail Design in Summer

The summer is at least as eagerly awaited and welcomed as is the spring. And here one can be particularly brave about the colors. Strong shades are desirable for the summer design of the nails and can range from green to blue and pink to yellow or orange. Particularly striking and especially striking are neon colors, which spice up every summer outfit or even add color.

Nautical Summer Blue Anchor Stripe Glitter Paint

However, it does not mean that you can not create decent designs in pastel shades or in a trendy nude look.

The summer is, of course, also associated with holidays on the beach. Thus, all marine motifs and colors are suitable.

The nail design in turquoise symbolizes, for example, a tropical beach or the turquoise water and can be combined with sand, beige or with coral and white.

Also the salmon color and dark blue are super suitable if you want to design the nail design maritime. Blue-white creates a nautical flair, as one knows it from sailors, which can also be combined with light beige for sand or rope.

Summer Deer Forest Motive Green White Modern Nail Designs

Summer nail design. 

The symbols are many. Palm trees, anchors, marine animals such as fish, crabs or seagulls, wild animals such as foxes or deer, colorful balloons, loops, fruits, ice cream or other summer desserts or just a nail design with flowers or pretty flowers.

Everything is suitable and pretty, as the examples from our Nail design picture gallery prove. Let your imagination run wild and simply use everything you personally associate with the summer.

Summer Gold Black Reverse French Manicure Nail Designs

If you find motifs too kitschy, simply use one or two colors and use them to paint the fingernails. Again, the geometrical design is, of course, perfectly suitable and a great alternative to often complex and difficult to replicate motifs. Very elegant is also a nail design in black gold.

A nice example you can see in the picture above our Nail design picture gallery.

Autumn also has a lot of colors and motifs to offer and is a theme for the design of the nails anything but boring.

Autumn Green Branches Pinecone Gold White Glittering Nail Designs

You can create a little peppy with warm metal colors. This includes not only gold but also copper and bronze.

Nail design Pictures and motifs such as leaves, laurels, acorns, chestnuts, pine cones, pumpkins, autumn fruits, berries and the like are perfectly suited to depict this comfortable season on the fingers.

Combine with evergreen branches and why not some autumnal delicacies for a more playful look. Trees, for example, which is given an autumn crown by means of points of different sizes or irregular blots, are very attractive.

Autumn Pastel Tone Blue Red Rhinestone Glittering Elegance Nail Designs

Naturally, for the nail design in autumn, more natural and discreet designs are possible. Simple patterns or one-to-two-color designs are suitable for this purpose. Glitter in gold or glitter again creates a glamorous look that can also be created with rhinestones.

How about the idea from our Nail design picture gallery above. The mix of blue tones and Bordeaux, highlighted with precious stones, is very elegant and can also be worn at work.

French Autumn Leaves Copper Glitter Nail Designs

Above you will see one of the attractive Nail design ideas from our Nail design image gallery with French Manicure.

Halloween Nails

The autumn nail design can also be used for this fun festival. However, other colors come into play. The colors orange, yellow, poison green, purple and black, but also blue tones and especially pastel tones are suitable to create suitable motifs. Such motifs are sure to occur to you right away.

Halloween Pumpkin Grimace Creepy Black Orange Nail Designs

Whether carved pumpkins, ghosts, bats or black cats, the variants are numerous. With green, you can paint Frankenstein or a kettle with poison. Also, the typical Halloween Candy, which is orange, yellow and white striped, is a great option, which makes for a good mood. It is also creepy with skeletons or skulls on the nails.


Even if the Ernieankfest is nowadays not very much celebrated, you can honor it, by also designing the nails.

Autumn Thanksgiving Gray Gold Turkey Nail Designs

Anyone looking for suitable motifs for the typical American Thanksgiving should also consider the turkey as seen in the Nail design Gallery. Also, create an individual design from the already mentioned autumn colors.

The Nail design for the winter is usually less colorful. But that does not mean it has to be boring.

Winter Snowflakes French Glittering Blue Nail Designs

Motifs that immediately come to mind are, of course, snowflakes and certainly also the snowman. But that’s not all.

The Nail design for Christmas is again somewhat more colorful. Since, however, there are many other decorative colors and the decorations themselves can be more modern and minimalist, you can, of course, also adapt your nail design to it if you wish.

Christmas Red Glitter Green White Nail Designs

The motifs may also be clear. Christmas tree balls, stars, pine branches, the mistletoe, candles or the Christmas tree itself, loops and lights or simple patterns in matching colors spice up your styling and create the perfect atmosphere, even if in a tiny shape.

New Year’s Eve

On New Year’s Eve, the design can be a bit more colorful. Glamorous colors and color combinations are in demand here. Thus, the design can be simpler and consist of two colors, which can be light or dark at will or be colorful. Black and white as background and glitter in any color, including silver and gold, are suitable for creating motifs.

Eve Glamour Gold Black Glitter Paint Nail Designs Ideas

Choose fireworks or champagne glasses as illustrations and motifs for New Year’s nails or label the nails for the coming year. Just as well, ornate lines with glitter or geometric and minimalistic figures, but which should be absolutely striking.


Finally, we would like to show you a good-mood design in our Nail design picture gallery and give some tips and ideas for the carnival. Do not use too dark colors. In addition to matching colors you also need glitter and why not colored rhinestones. A nail design in white is also the perfect background.

Carnival Colorful Confetti Stripe Rainbow Nail Designs Ideas

Confetti is a particularly suitable motif. You can make it with coarse glitter or simply draw in the form of many colorful dots on the nails. The Venezuelan carnival is once again known for its pompous panels and not to forget the masks, which make themselves as a design wonderful.

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