How to Have Pretty Feet? BEAUTIFUL FEET IN 8 STEPS


Season for wearing sandals in the summer compels us to look more closely at our feet. Here’s how to take care and repair damage caused by months of neglect.

How to Have Pretty Feet

Moisturize Your Feet Daily

Supporting the weight of the body, the feet remain imprisoned in our shoes, especially during the winter. During the holidays, they are also undermined with seawater, sand, walking barefoot, etc… To cope with various aggressions, the skin thickens and feet as corns or calluses.

The Skin Of The Arch Remains Dry Because It Lacks Oil Glands

It appears important to moisturize daily to prevent roughness and cracking. Leaving your shower, wipe your feet and apply a nourishing cream or milk to massage. You can get your body lotion if you do not have special creams for the feet.

Make a Scrub Every Week And Care Full Every Month

Friction between the skin of the feet and footwear generate dead cells that form roughness. Thus, regular exfoliation is necessary to remove the dead skin.

For this you can use a pumice stone in the heel cream or body scrub At home or in a salon, treat yourself to a pedicure complete. Start by soaking your feet for fifteen minutes in a bowl of warm water.

You can add a sparkling special roller to soften the skin of your feet. Then do the scrub with pumice. Then massage to the calf to activate blood circulation. Finally, clean your nails and rub your feet with a moisturizer.

Embellish Your Feet

You now have feet well cared for. Allow yourself a few fantasies in order to embellish. Cut your nails short and square. You can file to round the corners slightly. If you want to coat your nail varnish, polish the first over the latter.

It is better to use a separator toe for ease. Apply a base coat, then a glaze of your choice, and finally a protective layer.
You can add a bit of exoticism to your style by dressing your toes a ring.

This new trend comes from India. Traditionally reserved for married women in this country, wearing a toe ring has no special meaning in the West. These jewels can be broken gold, silver, or colored plastic.


Did you know that we humans take around 10,000 steps a day? It’s amazing what our feet have to endure! But they are not only challenged physically. At the same time, we want our feet to look beautiful and well-groomed at all times and, especially in summer, we put them in open-toe shoes such as sandals , sandals and toe separators .

However, in order to relieve our feet a little, we should give them a break from time to time. Here you can find out how to easily care for your feet in 8 steps and make them suitable for summer.

1- Remove the cornea

Calluses can be removed with pumice stones or callus files.Good foot care starts with a relaxing foot bath. For this, the water should be lukewarm and bath additives containing oil or herbs can be added.

The feet should be dried thoroughly after the bath – especially between the feet – so that no athlete’s foot can develop. A light callus can be removed with peelings. Pumice stone or a callus file help to combat thicker calluses to make the foot soft and supple again.

2- Skin care

So that the skin on the feet remains cared for, there are foot creams and masks with almond oil, aloe vera or cocoa butter that provide the skin with moisture. These are best applied in the evening so that the creams can soak into the skin overnight.

3- Trim toenails properly

So that your toenails do not fade next to your skin, they should also be properly cared for. It is important to bring them into the right shape, because toenails that have just been cut off create sharp corners that could rub the other toes.

In turn, round nails narrow the nail bed, which can lead to arched nails. Therefore, the nails should be cut straight and the corners filed – so there is no risk of injury and the nail can still grow back normally.

4- Color for summer

When choosing nail polish, anything is allowed. Choose the color you like best.Color on the toenails works particularly well with open shoes in summer. Everything is allowed: all colors and patterns are available to choose from, from pastel tones to neon colors to elaborate designs.

However, if you have problems painting, toe separators or facial tissues, which keep the toes apart and thus simplify the application of the paint, can help. A base coat protects the toes from discoloration, a top coat prevents the paint from splintering and makes it last longer.

5- Hair removal on the feet

Whether we want to admit it or not – we women also have fine hairs on the back of our feet and toes. There are different options for hair removal, but shaving is out of the question because the hairs become so stubbly and you can easily cut your foot. We therefore recommend depilatory creams that keep the hair away for five to seven days, or wax strips that can keep the skin smooth for up to three weeks.

6- Fit feet

To keep our feet fit, we should regularly strengthen them with a few fitness exercises. These strengthen the muscles and prevent tension. You can find examples of exercises in the blog post on Exercises for the Foot Muscles .

7- Walk barefoot

Our feet love to be free. It is therefore advisable to take off your shoes and go barefoot more often. This stimulates the nerve ends that run in the feet, which has a relaxing effect on the whole body and trains the feet at the same time.

8- Cooling down for in between

Not only we, our feet also need to be cooled every day.After exercising or a hard day, our feet are usually extremely hot. To relax and cool them down, take a cold foot bath.

For when you are out and about, there are replacement sprays and foot deodorants that cool your feet and protect them from sweating. It’s also good to put your feet up and massage them lightly. This promotes blood circulation and relieves tension.

So when we notice that our feet deserve a reward, we can easily do something good for them in eight steps. However, we should not only do this when we notice that our feet need a break, but we should look after their health every day. And for this, suitable and suitable shoes are particularly important! You can find these shoes here as I’m walking.

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