Your Pedicure Foot Care At Home For Summer Seasons


Womens get pedicure foot care at home in simple ingredient for summer beauty

However, our feet deserve to be pampered. Especially when it comes to summer in stripping sandals ….

The secrets of successful pedicure.

Your Pedicure Foot Care At Home

Bath and scrub

Once a week make your feet in a bubbling bath softener. In a bowl (large enough to place both feet) run warm water and add a few drops of essential oils.

Immerse your feet for ten minutes immediate welfare guaranteed! Use this time to exfoliate the skin of the feet with soap scrub a pumice stone or a steam glove.

Insist on the soles and heels calluses which tend to appear.

Moisturize full pot

After the scrub dry your feet well with a towel especially between the toes (fragile area, and preferred fungal infections).

Then apply your balm nourishing massaging the feet from the toes to the ankles.

You can alternate with special care refreshing fluid when your feet are warm caring attack to keep them dry or healing cream they tend to crack.

In beauty

If you follow the above rules of hygiene your feet will naturally cleaned and softened their skin. Is only one successful in beauty?

Start by cutting your nails in straight and smooth and round ends with the rough surface of the lime.

Final touch places a layer of transparent or colored varnish taking care not to overfill. Apply your nail preferably in the evening before you go to bed it will dry perfectly and will prevent scratches.

Some tips

Make your home pedicure preferably in the evening after applying your moisturizing balm put on a pair of cotton socks that keep you overnight.

Under the effect of heat action of care will be tenfold. And enjoy allocating you a foot massage this is toning the entire body.

Start with the arch to the toes go up then focus on the top of the foot. Get to ankles in a circular motion.

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