Kim Kardashian Long Blonde Hair Becomes Against On Instagram


Kim Kardashian opted for blonde hair and it is on Instagram that we showed that on June 25 so is it a color or a wig? Shelookbook tells you more!

Kim Kardashian Long Blonde Hair And Outfits Trends

Kim Kardashian long blonde hair, An international star when it is absolutely necessary chain outfits trends but not that! Kim Kardashian long blonde hair the change of hairstyle is also essential even mandatory. This is not Beyonce or Rihanna who say otherwise! On 26 June, it was the turn of Kim Kardashian without makeup on Instagram! It decided to change the head.

Kim Kardashian Long Blonde Hair Amazing! On Instagram, it is thus discovered Kim Kardashian long blonde hair blonder than ever wearing a properly installed in the famous hairstylist Serge Norman bathrobe. There six months, Kim Kardashian already sported a long blonde hair. Is it nostalgia? Not so much! For this new fad is not a color but a wig! Women Kanye West has taken us and was posting a few hours after selfie to confirm this on her Instagram account. Many of her fans have fallen into the trap and we understand why! This wig is very natural; it is far from that of Lady

Kim Kardashian Long Blonde Hair Kim Kardashian long blonde hair five months after going from blonde to brown, natural color, Kim Kardashian has shocked her fans on Thursday by posting pictures of her with light hair again. Kanye West’s wife had told in the past that her blond hair was missing.

“It’s baaaaack!”Kim Kardashian long blonde hair, Kim posted on her Instagram account, before adding later that it was in fact a wig. “It looks real though right? “Asked the star of reality TV.

Kim Kardashian Long Blonde Hair Kim Kardashian is undecided. Mom is often taken North of desire for change at the capillary level. It goes from blond to brown in a snap and proved again yesterday.

The woman Kanye West is not afraid to change head. Kim Kardashian goes from brown to blond in Wink lately and she really seems to have trouble deciding. After the birth of North, the bimbo had opted for a very subtle blond. The roots were exposed, but the change was so radical world. As in 2009, she decided to abandon her brown mane. But for her wedding in Italy last month, Kim Kardashian has decided to become itself.

Kim Kardashian Long Blonde Hair  -2

First she found a brown shade some light reflections, before opting for the very dark brown on her wedding day. We could follow all her hair adventures on her Instagram account. Kim Kardashian was quickly entrusted regret her blond sooner had she regained its original color. Somewhere, Kim Kardashian still regrets her golden hair. It was therefore taken a moment of madness yesterday and went to her hairdresser Serge Normant.

Kim Kardashian Long Blonde Hair  -3Kim Kardashian came out of the salon with a blonde hair from the root. A radical change! But do not worry, Kim Kardashian told on Instagram she had not bleached her hair. This is actually a wig. The many hair extensions spread on the table when her hairdresser proves it. But the star seems very excited to wear such a mane. She might be (re) dies soon and for good.

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