Professional Hair Dye With Color Extensions Tutorial + 7 Most Common Mistakes!


Professional Hair Dye

Hair dyes for every hair – High quality hair colors for a low price. Which hair color suits you?

For a lifelike and lasting result, the hair dye is crucial.

That’s why we only use proven, professional hair colors from well-known brands.

Here you will find an extensive selection of bright colors, hair tints and high coverage opacifiers that also cover gray hair. Bleach with Wella or Loreal, dye with Koleston Perfect, experience the colors with gloss booster by Sebastian Cellophanes and the brilliant colors of Schwarzkopf.

Professional Hair Dye with Hair Colors by Wella Koleston – Loreal Majirel – Goldwell Top Chic – Schwarzkopf Igora Royal – Rondo Magic Color , but also Wella Magma etc.

From well-known hairdressing manufacturers such as Wella, Goldwell, Loreal, Color, Rondo and many more. With Wella Koleston perfect one of the most used hairdressing hair dyes in US – by the hairdressing specialist

The main use of dye hair is to cover gray hair but nowadays many men and women dye hair

Purple Dye Hair Different Types of Dye Hair Care
Different Types of Dye Hair Care

Change their natural color to create a decorative effect and highlights. Hair coloring is probably the quickest way to change the look and improve the hair.

Hair Coloring

Some women choose to change the color entirely from blond to brown while others take a two-tone color.

The chemicals hair dye contain make changes in the texture and structure of hair. If used incorrectly color can make your hair dry, dull and brittle.

The discoloration can be very damaging to your hair, especially if bleach is very strong (hydrogen peroxide, ammonia). Bleaching removes natural pigments and oils in your hair. Discoloration always reduces the elasticity of hair, revealing dry, lifeless and grueling.

Red Dye Hair Color For Long Blonde Hairstyles

Different Types of Dye Hair Care

There are different types of hair dye:

Permanent Hair Color

These ingredients open the hair cuticle and in this way, permanent color penetrates the hair shaft and cleared her natural hair color.

Permanent hair color down and removal of pigments in the hair shaft, It can cause damage and dry hair as it penetrates deep into the hair shaft…

Permanent Hair Color

The Colors of Semi-Permanent Hair

Semi-permanent colors contain a small percentage of hydrogen peroxide. The color usually lasts up to 20/30 days. The semi -permanent color that covers the surface of the hair shaft and the hair does not clear.

It simply enhances the natural color of hair. The semi -permanent dye is ideal for those who want to try new colors because it can darken the hair.


Shampoos for improving the color

These shampoos contain some colors that give reflections and color tones to hair. These shampoos do not contain peroxide, ammonia or bleach that can damage the hair.

They are an excellent choice to build and maintain a vibrant color hair.

The Best Hair Coloring Products

Phytocitrus shampoo colored hair Phyto

Phytocitrus is a frequent shine shampoo that extends and enhances recently colored hair, highlighted or permed and also protects from UV rays.

Best Hair Coloring Products

Sweet almond protein leaves hair silky.

Wella Lifetex Volume Shampoo Wella With its lightweight formulation spec fique Ment designed to gently cleanse, moisturize, strengthen and expand a volume without overloading, Life the most beautiful structure of fine hair well structured.

Expert Shine Blonde series from L’Oréal Professionnel

Shine Blonde L’Oreal expert series neutralizes yellow tones, protects color and adds shine to your hair

Vitamin color expert series by L’Oréal Professionnel

Vitamin series color expert L’Oreal revitalizes and strengthens the protection of visible color and shine for normal hair colored.

Professional Hair Dye: These are the best hair colors you can buy at the drugstore

Anyone who dyes her hair knows the problem: The approach is noticeable after a few weeks and the own natural color shimmers faster, especially in the sunshine in the summer than promised by the hairdresser.

And since only a few can afford the monthly hairdresser’s visit, some have no choice but to either completely abstain from coloring, to stand next to the first gray hair or to walk around with strands that have grown out.

Professional Hair Dye

High quality hair dyes do not always have to be expensive

Fortunately, there are now high-quality alternatives for self-application. Even beauty brands, which are available in the drugstore, have now specialized in professional hair dyeing so that the walk to the hairdresser is no longer mandatory.

Not only can you buy the hair colors much cheaper, but you can apply them directly at home. Mostly not only faster but also promises really great results today. Weekly waiting for an appointment with your favorite barber is over.

In which discounters can you buy professional hair color?

For those who dare and want to lend a hand now, we have therefore gone to the search, which are actually the best colorations for every hair color, which promise not only short-term shine, but really long shelf life and are available at an affordable price,

In addition, we’ll tell you exactly where you can buy the professional hair colors or order online.

Because nobody wants to risk an accident with green or yellow hair. In the slideshow you will learn more:

Professional Hair Color

Professional Hair Dye: Attention! These are the 7 most common mistakes!

You want to try a new hair color or refresh your old one? If you want to dye your hair instead of going to the hairdresser, you should know that!

Blond, brown, red – no matter what hair color Mother Nature has given us, at some point every woman is in the mood for a color change. The walk to the hairdresser is of course the simplest, but not necessarily the cheapest solution. It is cheaper to dye the hair yourself at home.

But even if the DIY products all promise “easy use”, things can go wrong. We’ll show you the seven most common staining traps and give you tips on how to avoid them.

Professional Hair Dye These tips work © iStock

1. Dye trap: misjudge initial hair color

Light or medium brown? Or dark blonde? Many women find it hard to choose their own hair color and estimate it too dark. In order for the staining result to be as desired, it is important that the original hair color is correct. Only then does Mittelblond become really hazelnut brown.

Hair Dye

How To Avoid The Trap: Compare the hair color (whether dyed or natural) with the images of strands of hair that appear on most packaging of dyes.

If the initial hair color does not appear there, you should keep your hands off this product and look for an alternative. If you are unsure, you should ask the hairdresser of your confidence what your hair color is – you do not have to tell him right away that you prefer to dye at home rather than at home.

Now do the test: Which hair color suits me?

Professional Hair Dye: Correctly Assess The Starting Color!

2. Dye Trap: Too High Expectations

Being a blonde – that was your dream for a long time! But instead of Marilyn Monroe, your hair looks more like Pipi Longstocking now. It is orange and not even even, but spotty.

This is how you avoid the trap: with coloring products for the home, great results can be achieved. But not every color request can be realized in the bathroom. Extreme color changes require a detailed analysis of the hair structure and a sound understanding of the chemical processes involved in dyeing. Anyone who bleaches their hair themselves runs the risk of the product acting too long (which damages the hair additionally) or too short (the result: orange!).

Therefore, look for the hairdresser of your confidence, if you want highlights, the “ombré” look or radical color changes. If you just want to change your natural tone by one, two nuances or over-color a gray approach, you can do that at home too.

Professional Hair Dye, No False Expectations

3. Dye Trap: Poor Preparation

You have bought a hair dye for your home and would love to get started immediately – after all, it will not take long. Quick an old towel around the shoulders, let’s go … Stop!

Did not you forget important things like hairpins, a comb and an alarm clock? Annoying! Because once the hair color is mixed, there is no time to search around, after all, it has to be applied immediately…

This is how it works: Take time to dye the hair yourself for a good preparation. Ensures that the following tools are at hand:

Dyeing Brush: makes it easier to apply, especially if you just want to dye the batch

Hair clips (plastic!) And style comb: allow the division and fixing of individual strands old towel and old clothes: So there’s no nasty paint stains!

Kitchen alarm or set mobile alarm: helps to keep the exposure time exactly

Vaseline: Prevents Discoloration Of The Skin

Professional Hair Dye, The Right Preparation © iStock

4. Dye Trap: Too Little Dye

You have everything prepared so well: The old towel and the kitchen clock set to stop the time, the petroleum jelly applied as a protection on the skin … and now this: When applying you notice that the colorant is not enough!

At the beginning you have generously dosed, now it is short for the lengths. The result can be: The dyeing result becomes irregular, because not all lots came into direct contact with the color.

So you avoid this trap: You have short hair? This staining trap will then be spared you guaranteed. But at the latest from the shoulder length you need two packs of colorants, so as not to get in the mess when applying. Mix the second pack right away so you can use it without wasting much time.

Of course, if you want to dye your own hair, you often do that to save money. But not at the second pack, otherwise the first does not bring the result that you wish for.

Professional Hair Dye, Too Little Dye Used?

5th Dyeing Trap: Plant Colors Vs. Chemical Colors

You were so sure that you are right with this color. But somehow the light brown you wanted was quite irregular. Only the top ten centimeters have the right color, in the lengths nothing has changed.

To prevent her problem: natural hair color with henna or extracts from walnut shells dye the hair for a different mode of action than chemical hair colors.

Some natural hair colors also contain metal salts to intensify the dyeing process. That would not be a problem in itself, the common thing is only: hair that was once dyed with natural hair dyes must not be treated with chemical dyes afterwards.

Natural Hair Color With Henna From Walnut Shells Dye

Wait with chemical paint necessarily, until the natural colored hair has been completely outgrown or cut off. Otherwise, the result is unpredictable, with a bleaching it can even come to a permanent green tint.

Professional Hair Dye Yourself

6th Dye Trap: Dye All Hair

At the latest, when the first gray hairs show up, many women resort to dyeing. If the majority of hair is already grayed, the fight against the approach begins. Many women make the mistake of coloring not only the unloved silver lining, but the entire hair.

The color result is then often irregular: The approach is no longer gray, but still has a different color than the rest of hair. A clever camouflage of graying games looks different.

So it avoids this problem: When you approach dyeing this trick helps: Massaging in the lengths and in all the games that still have your favorite color, a little hair conditioner. She lays around her hair like a movie and prevents direct contact with the coloration.

Then use a staining brush to apply the color only at the base. Do not give in the last twelve minutes of the exposure time in the lengths of colorant. This refreshes your color without being too strong. Rinse your hair at the end of the exposure time and treat it as described in the instructions.

Professional Hair Dye, Dye The Whole Hair – Or Not?

7. Dye Trap: Instructions not read

I’m not dyeing my hair for the first time – at least that’s what you thought before, so you did not read it carefully. Strange only that the result is different than last time. The hair is somehow more affected than usual.

So you avoid this trap: Even if you already have a routine is to dye your own hair: You definitely will be read carefully the instructions!

This avoids that you forget important steps of the dyeing process. On the other hand, it may be that the manufacturer has changed the composition of the colorant – and thus, for example, shortens the contact time.

If you expose your hair to color for too long, you will not get a particularly intense color, but it only strains it unnecessarily. You should definitely avoid this, if your hair is important to you.

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