THE NEW 2021 TREND – 21 Hair Colors On Top Hairstyles and Haircuts


Not only the fashion transforms and reinvents itself every season, but even the hairstyles 2021 trend is also constantly changing. Whether it’s short hairstyles, haircuts for long or medium-length hair. These new hairstyles and hair colors are in fashion in 2021.


In order to find out which hairstyles are particularly fashionable in 2021, which hair colors we will definitely wear, and which haircut we should go for, we asked the professional hairstylist Charly Butzé, who belongs to the team of the renowned Arnoldy & Traum hairdressers, the to swear on the hair products of L’Oréal Professionnel. In the interview, you will learn all about the hairstyle and hair trends 2020 2021.

Trendy Hair Colors 2020 2021

What is the Hair Color Trends 2020 2021?

Which hair colors come and which ones go?

In 2020, there is a nice mix of hair colors and hair trends.

The hair color ‘Blond Nude’ is a nice example of this. The ‘Blond Nude‘ is the hair colors ‘Asch‘ and ‘Gold‘.

Which Hair Color Trend Will Come In 2020 2021 For Dark Hair?

L’Oréal has beautifully described this as ‘Tiger Eye’. The hair color trend is particularly flattering and sets light reflections in the hair.

The Hairstyle And Haircuts For Hair Color Trends 2020

Are Pastel Hair Colors Still A Topic In 2020 2021?

Pastel hair colors are still an issue in 2020 2021 but are changing. The colors are less intense and less mixed wildly. ‘Rainbow hair‘ will be a thing of the past in 2020 2021. balayage techniques, for example by playing with lavender hair color. So pastel hair colors are more suitable for everyday use.

Trend Hairstyles, Haircuts And Trend Hairstyles 2020 2021

Is there a hairstyle trend you never want to see again?

We never used this technique in our salon and the look is ultimately outmoded and unnatural. I really do not want to see beach strands again. Especially in the direction of Dusseldorf, this hair trend is still very popular.

Trend Hairstyles, Haircuts And Trend Hairstyles 2020 2021

Which Hair Color Trend Is Basically Every Woman?

That is why Balayage stands for every woman with every hair color.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of a balayage and a foilyage?

Therefore, the fundamental difference between the techniques is the degree of lightning. For example, if you already wear a balayage and want to intensify the color difference, you can combine it perfectly.

Foilyage Hairstyle Trend - What are the advantages and disadvantages of a balayage and a foilyage


What are the hairstyle trends for 2021?

At Arnoldy and Traub, we analyze the coming trends and bring out a hair collection every year. There are three hairstyle trends crystallizing out.

The classic short hairstyle to the Long Bob, with or without bangs, with steps or without step cut. Especially shorter Bob hairstyles are becoming a trend hairstyle again.

Bob hairstyles are modern in 2019 in every length.
Bob hairstyles are modern in 2020 2021 in every length.

David Bowie‘ is one of the most distinctive trend hairstyles in 2020 2021.

However, I hate the term Vokuhila and call the hairstyle therefore Bowie. With such a trendy hairstyle you make every woman immediately to a wild-type.

Long-haired people will love the French Look hairstyle trend.

This is a great contrast to the hairstyle trends of recent years where the hair in the lengths was always voluminous.

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