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Fringe angled, curved, short, tapered or long … Today you are spoiled for choice. But one question remains: which one will suit you best and how to maintain it? Schwarzkopf puts you on the track

All you need to know to choose your bangs at the hairdresser

Bright Dress With Fur Jacket and Long Hairstyles With Bangs For Fall-Winter Fashion By Marsala

The bangs are now an integral part of many cuts. They are everywhere, and not only on catwalks, red carpets in Hollywood or in jet-set parties … We see them on every street corner.

The fringe adapts to all situations. And this season, it comes in different lengths, to hide a front too big or create a flattering frame around the face. With a little skill, you can even use your bangs to blur your expression lines.

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The fringe: how to maintain it?

Very easy to work, the bangs also seduce fans of hair experimentation, who love to test different hairstyles. It can be fixed on the side with pretty bars, braided or tamed with a headband. But what to do the day you want more?

No worries: even at intermediate lengths, the bangs are always stylish. In fact, if you take good care, your bangs will also be the best effect in hairdryer long version.

Does the fringe go to everyone?

Fine-haired women have an interest in opting for the bangs, especially if they start high on their skulls and fall back on their faces with as much force as possible.

Our advice: in case of naturally very curly hair, forget the bangs.

Too much sebum, bad for the bangs!

If your skin is prone to blemishes, dry your bangs in the hairdryer with a large round brush. You will avoid any contact (or almost) between your hair and your skin.

A hint of hairspray can be useful: by sheathing the hair, the hairspray prevents them from absorbing too much sebum.

I refresh my bangs in 2 scissors

If you do not have time to wash your hair, refresh your bangs with a little dry shampoo, then brush your hair and bangs generously. brush. result at a glance!

Oily skin and bangs do not mix

You will also find small mortifying absorbent sheets in specialized shops. Very practical, they absorb excess sebum from the forehead to avoid greasing your bangs.