Curly Hairstyles – The Elegant Hairstyles To Be Trendy For 2021


Hair styles for Curls – Effective Ideas For Hairstyling

It does not matter if you have natural curls or curlers, curling iron or any other shape, they are always extremely attractive and create a unique look. Curly hair offers, as well as smooth hair, the ability to design different hairstyles. For hairstyles for curls, you can wear the hair open, semi-open or even pinned and decorate it with accents such as hair bands or braids.

Hairstyles For Curls

We would like to show you such hairstyles for curls in this article. The advantage is that you can easily wear them even on wet or regenerated days when naturally curly or frizzy hair is even frizzy.

The hairstyles for curls and start with half-open hair braid. After you’ve washed and dried your hair, work a hair curling mousse into your hair and create a center or slight side vertex.

That way you start with all the hairstyles for curls. Now take a front strand and braid a braid. Repeat with the other side. Then let the braids run back over the back of the head and fix them with hair clips.

Hairstyles For Curls – The Popular Updo

Taylor Swift, One Bun With Curl Free Highlights Front

For elegant hairstyles for curls as an updo, you should first form the apex again. Split the hair in half. Take the first part and turn it around yourself to create a kind of loose bun but to the side.

Repeat with the other part and fix it next to the first bun with hair clips. You can also hang a few strands on one of the front sides to frame your face.

Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Another example of effective hairstyles for curls is this variant. First of all, leave your hair open. Take a hair band that is best something elastic. This cans now either as shown in the photo or hippie-style around the head.

First, take a strand and wrap it around the hairband. Repeat this with the next strand and until you have wrapped all the hair around. You also do not need to worry about the strands unwinding again as the hairband ensures that they are well fixed. As a precaution, you can fix the upper part of the band with hair clips, so that it can not slip.

Hairstyles For Curls – Casual Bun With Braid

Hairstyle with Curls and Pigtail as Bun

Casual dudes and braids are the perfect ways to make hairstyles for curls. And combined, they look even better. For such a hairstyle, first, make a side vertex.

On the side that now has a greater amount of hair, plait a pretty braid that runs first down and then back. Take the hair to this side and form a casual, side-by-side bun. Fix it with hair clamps so that they are not visible.

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