Curly Hairstyles – The Elegant Hairstyles To Be Trendy For 2021


Curls Without Curling Iron – Best Ideas With Instructions For Styling The Hair

Whether for everyday life, the beach or for the next party – curly hairstyles are perfect for any occasion, especially in the summer. Would you like to do cool curls without curling iron yourself, then you are in the right place! Here are a few great ideas, guides and many helpful tips for beautiful curly hair.

Curls Without Curling Iron – Preparation Is In The Foreground

Curls Without Curling Iron Curlers Hair Dryer Hair Styling

The right care before styling ensures a longer-lasting look, which is very important especially for a festive hairstyle.

The hair products should be chosen according to your hair type, but for good hair, curls are those that create an extra volume. Adequate hair care for curls is mousse, hairdryer lotions and hair sprays for curls.

Curls Without Curling Iron And Heat

In order not to damage the hair, it is better to lure them without heat. Other popular varieties for curls without curling iron are with hair bands, braids or twisted buns.

Curls Without Curling Iron Braided Pigtail Long Hair Waves

A popular method for curls is to sleep with plaited hair and to braid the braids the next day.

From Straight Hair To Casual Waves Without Damage

Curls Without Curling Iron Wavy Hair Without Heat

Casual curls without curling iron you can make yourself at home. You need a hairband or headband that does the trick. So you get within a short time a great wavy look for your hair. The only requirement is to wash and dry the hair just before the beginning.

Curls With Hairband – Instructions

Curl without Curling Iron without Heat Headband Hair Twisting Instruction

First, the hairband placed on your head. Note that it should be firmly on the head so that the curls get a good shape.

Curls without Curling Iron In Just A Few Hours

Lure Waves without Curler Headband Remove Fast Hair style

Keep your hair dry for a few hours, doing your housework at home, having dinner or simply relaxing on the sofa.

How To Make Curls Without Curling Iron And Heat? – A Video With Instructions

Curls Without Curling Iron Instructions – Screw-In Pilots

Lure Without Curler Hair Papilotten Screw Guide

Do you want to lure your straight hair from one day to the next?

The size of the resulting curls depends on how thick the twisted strands are.

Beautiful Curls Without Curling Iron And Heat

Lure Without Curler Papilotten Results Curly Hair

The finished curls without curling iron have a beautiful look and last a long time. So you can make a good curly hairstyle for every day or a festive occasion itself, without wasting time and money at the barber.

Small Butts On The Top Create Casual Curls For Long Hair

Lure Without Curler Small Knot Hair Twirling Hair Clamp

Another variant for curls without curling iron and heat is to share the towel-dried hair in strands to twirl with her hands and attach them with hair clips or hair elastic.

Short Hair Curls Without Curling Iron

Compared to the hair buns on long hair, we recommend keeping the buns down so that the hairstyle is not too short.

Gentle Waves Only With Hairgrips Make You

You will get a casual look …

Foam Curlers For Perfect Curls

Lure Without Curler Curler Foam Manual

Curls Without Curling Iron – Round Brush And Hair Dryer For Gentle Waves

The finite effect depends on the size of the round brush. The styling begins with towel-dried hair and a hairdryer or a mousse.

Repeat the method for the whole hair and enjoy your beautiful curls.

Combination Of Two Techniques – Pressing Braids With The Flat Iron

Lure Without Curler Hair Braids Straightness Beach Waves

If you have opted for curls without a curling iron and pigtails, but have little time available, you can use a flat iron to brush the pigtails for a faster effect. A few big braids create elegant beach waves, suitable for different occasions.

Curl Hair With The Straightener

With a flat iron, you can style beautiful curls or gentle waves. Everything depends on the right turn. The perfect results need some practice, but after that, it will be much faster.

The heat protection spray is a must here. In addition, the straightener should never be set too hot – a medium temperature is sufficient.

How To Make Curls With A Straightener Properly?

Lure Without Curler Manual Straighteners Wavy Hair

A slow and wide spin creates big curls; with a faster one, you get small ones.

Tie Finished Curls To A Hairstyle
Lure Without Curler Straighteners Half Open Hair Styling
Heated Curlers For Beautiful Curls Without Curling Iron

With heated hair curlers hair can be cured quickly. So trendy waves are easily made at home without spending long hours in front of the mirror with the curling iron.

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