Like last year, this summer is the big show of the shoulders. Long forgotten, often relegated to their role as shoulders, they finally come out the big game thanks to the top Bardot, spring summer fashion piece, which dresses while stripping. Which is pretty strong.

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Result: the legs go in the background and us, it suits us. We tell you why.

Finally. The shoulders can play the role of their life.

Long forgotten, hidden under sweaters and T-shirts, they won the palm by winning in the fashion trends spring to summer. And we, we like it.

Because: 1) we love our shoulders. 2) We prefer to focus on our shoulders than on our legs. Especially at the beginning of the season when they look more like an albino crocodile than Alessandra Ambrosio’s legs. But, it’s a very personal opinion.

In 1956, the film And God … created the woman out in front of the stage. The Vichy print, the bun, the marinière, years later, the iconic looks of Brigitte Bardot in the 60s always resonate in fashion trends.

Glamorous, retro and so romantic, it’s the big comeback of the blouse denuding the shoulders renamed top Bardot. Spotted on all parades spring summer, it is found in all departments of ready-to-wear brands.

With its bucolic paces, this is the new essential summer fashion. Decoding the trend, fashion tips, and shopping selection, we tell you all about the top trend of the summer: the top Bardot collar.

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