In Spring 2020 We Love These Trend Blouses & Wear Them Like This Now!


We often associate blouses with chic office looks. But the current blouse trends show that fashion classic can do much more. Airy blouses are now our everyday companions.

They enhance every home office look and are more comfortable than they look. We show you which blouses are trending in 2020 and how you can best combine them.

Shirt Blouses

The shirt blouses trend can be seen everywhere on Instagram: Particularly popular are oversized models that look as if they could also come from your friend’s closet.

Of course, you can also style them more androgynously, but in fact the look has a special charm if you stage the rather less feminine garment in a playful way to emphasize your feminine side. Show a little skin, for example, and have a pretty lace top or bralette sticking out.

Boho Blouses

You can also see boho blouses everywhere, which stand out for their playful details and wide sleeves. They are often cropped and cut rather short.

They can be styled both cute and girlish as well as in the typical edgy boho look. For short blouses, it is best to choose a skirt or trousers that are rather highwaisted. So no skin or only a small streak shines through. The completely belly-free version is reminiscent of Britney music videos from the early 2000s.

Satin Blouses

Satin blouses look super classy, ​​but are also super comfortable. The fabric cools down on the skin in summer, and they are usually cut loosely and provide so much comfort.

Almost everything is possible with combinations: you can wear them over leggings or put them in your jeans. They also look great with skirts. And these blouses can also be combined with wide lounge pants. The loungewear look, which reminds a little of a pajama, is trendy right now.

Printed Blouses

Regardless of whether satin, shirt or boho: blouses are not only popular this year in a single-color look (white is still possible!), But also often make us in a good mood with colorful patterns.

Since the blouse is a bit more noticeable here, it is best to use a rather simple bottom part. A pair of jeans or trousers in a color that also appears in the blouse are perfect.

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Image source:
imago images / Runway Manhattan

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