20 Model Hairstyles & Haircuts to Adopt For Hair Coloring 2020 2021


The opportunity to change her mind or rather hairstyles. Here are the 20 hairstyles and haircuts for hair coloring to adopt next Seasons 2018 2019. In addition, to repairing, sport a new hairstyle for next seasons 2018 2019 wills re-booster you!

A new calendar year begins. So to start on the right foot, we first go to the hairdresser.

Your hair has necessarily been damaged by the sun, wind and salt water from the sea.

But what are the hairstyles of the season? Things that make us stylish girls?

Hair trend of the season: the blur square

Should we still present the Bob who reigns supreme over us for many, many seasons?

Wavy square by square dipping or fringed square: if a section on which it will crack in September, this is the Bob! Let it anyway: blur square predominates. It is based on that we spotted at Fabio Salsa.

Braids, hair adopt in September

Often referred to, but the braid remains an it-hair, timeless.

Then in September, it appears in both “spike” unstructured or African braid.

The fringe comeback

Come on, in September we made them. Yes, she, the fringe itchy us for some time.

One poster in XXL, for that matter, another option deliciously “sixties”: the curtain fringe, must podiums this year.

The shortcut to adopt for next seasons 2018 2019

We can not escape in September: the shingle for those who assume their androgynous or even the ultra-short shaved cut, for the more adventurous.

Hair trend of the season: the loops from every angle

In wavy effect for those who have straight hair or big curls vaporous Version for those who naturally have the curly hair, the waves will wash over our heads, speech Cosmo!

Natural Blonde vs. 50 copper shades: the colorations of the season

This will be the hair colorations of school to adopt.

On one side the natural blond, almost ashen. Another option: the strawberry blonde, as in Franck Provost.

On the other, all the copper shades that bring a light touch of metal in our hair. It is inspired by the coppery brown discreet Jean-Louis David. If not, we love flaming red, as Georgia May Jagger.

And you, what hair trend of the season wills you to crack?


1. Graduation Hair Color

The Timeless Gradient Along For Adoption By The Back


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