Why All the Love Asian Makeup And Asian Cosmetics is Growing Every Day


It does not advertise everywhere and virtually sold Asian cosmetics in chain stores. But at the same time, the popularity of the Asian cosmetics is growing every day. Why is everyone so excited to order cosmetics from Asia and what brands should pay attention to?

Love Asian Makeup And Asian Cosmetics is Growing Every Day
Love Asian Makeup Cosmetics is Growing Every Day

The range of products is not limited to famous Korean cosmetics. As you may remember from geography lessons, Asia – it is a very large region. So it has its beauty brands and tradition of self-care in each country of the region.

Asian cosmetics: brands, which are worth a try

Korean cosmetics

How to apply the shadow to your eyes section: Now everything is clear!
Perhaps, the most famous in our country. On the Internet you can find a lot of positive feedback about the Korean cosmetics, confirming the universal appeal of these funds.

The beauty industry in South Korea is now experiencing the very rapid period of development. As in other countries in Asia, the Korean girls dream to have a snow-white skin, so many products for the face and body are available with a whitening effect. But not only, it is now completely Korean brands produce any cosmetics, including ecological, without parabens and testing on animals.

An important difference and attractive part of the Korean cosmetics from Asia: cute ” MiMi mish nye” cans in the form of ice cream cones, pandas, and seals. Another advantage of these products – the low price.


Japanese cosmetics is very effective because it is the first time began to actively use hyaluronic acid, collagen, and coenzyme of Q10, adding the components of the caregiver resources. The quality, effectiveness and safety of this Asian cosmetics are not inferior to the American and European media. Japanese skin care involves many steps at once, that on a daily basis, not every stand. But the result will be just on the face – just take a look at, how young Japanese women look.

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From China

Now in China, you can find great products for hair, as well as high-quality facial masks. In addition, China made a lot of interesting accessories beauty – for example, Soup for the formation of a beautiful thin nose and stickers to create a ” European” folds on the upper eyelid. Not all of them are interested in European beauties because of the large differences in appearance with the Chinese.

Thai Cosmetics

Surely you have already tried many Thai means if vacationing in Thailand. In Russia ( and even worldwide) particularly appreciated the natural coconut oil from Thailand, cloth mask ( a good idea for a souvenir from a vacation), and all kinds of tools for home SPA.

Tony Moly

Pretty young brand, which quickly gained popularity not only in Asia but also in the European market. In creams and decorative from Tony Moly always the nice fun package, which will decorate your dressing table and make beauty products a great gift for friends. As a part of you will find plant extracts and vegetable oil.


It was the first brand Missha use snail secretion in creams and moisturizing masks. If you have not tried such care, be sure to pay attention! Furthermore, Missha first-class releases BB-creams.

Etude House

One of the biggest brands in the market of Korean cosmetics. Numerous references confirm the quality of decorative cosmetics and care products Etude House. By the way, in this brand, you also find the nice package.

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Holika Holika

Products brand Holika Holika you with nothing cannot be confused because of its unusual corporate identity: all are decorated with a slight touch of gothic. Even the logo of the brand settled little witch. Means Holika Holika mostly suitable for young skin.

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