Cobalt Blue Dress Look Book With Accessories


For the baptism of fire, I chose a cobalt blue dress is very simple cut. Fall is indicated in blue and we accept it wholeheartedly. It is an interesting color and perfectly paired with black and for those who prefer more color can stick to her green, yellow or orange.

cobalt blue dress

Cobalt Blue Dress Collection For Teens

Cobalt Blue Dress Look Book-

The first look I imagined as a business. Unadventurous I combined it with a classic high heeled same color. I like that but it is often difficult to find the items identical colors. In this case, we seem to have. Simple black bag that can be carried in the hand and shoulder, and I just love these because they are the most practical. Rich colorful necklace is a bit smashed seriousness of the combination of a cat glasses are chic she added.

Cobalt Blue Dress Look Book-0

Another look I turned into evening & casual cocktail party. I do not like to share a combination of day and evening but small purses never carry the day and I imagined it so. These small KLAC roses knocked me over when I saw it so I decided to take advantage of. I’m a big fan of ankle and these are nice because they parted on the side and not very winter and heavy. Short leather jacket or a nice funky bolero like this with frills and you can go. The bracelet is a little heavy and a good connection to the ankle.

Cobalt Blue Dress Look Book-01

The last look I adjusted a makeup artist who do not like high heels. These sandals are simple but the gold detail rises to a higher level. Act as ornaments on their feet and we all know that last year a popular jewelry metal. I chose KLAC wild animal print, because my dear such samples only in small quantities and I think this is a good dose. Red lipstick and nail polish are desirable and that the whole outfit would not be a sterile couple wild earrings color of old gold are a big hit!

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