The wedding season is officially open. And even if we love going there, each time the question of the outfit is a real headache. Every wedding is different, but the one thing that’s certain is that you have to be elegant.

Wedding outfits are classic, so how do you avoid clichés without looking granny while being classy and modern? Such is the difficulty faced by women who have passed their fifties. Our fashion team is here to give you valuable tips on how to dress for a wedding when you’re 60. Ideas for outfits that are both elegant and trendy are waiting for you if you are out of inspiration.

The material of the dress is super important for a chic look

Red and White dress men's jacket outfit couple 60s

What dress for a wedding when you are 60 years old?

Of course, if you are invited to a summer wedding, you immediately think of wearing a magnificent dress. The first thing to remember is to choose a model that suits your morphology to enhance the silhouette. Remember that a successful outfit is 50% a matter of self-confidence when you wear it. It’s so simple to choose the right cut that hides flaws and highlights your assets.

Earrings accent and modernize this simple dress

Blue dress outfit idea for woman 60 years

The second important thing is the material of the dress. Don’t skimp on this point. The fabrics must be of good quality and satin. You can opt for floral prints or designs that are super modern in 2023.

The blazer jacket is the trendy piece at weddings in 2023

Dress blue shoes golden jacket wedding outfit

Lace is also very popular for weddings and it looks good and chic. On the other hand, it is a classic model that can age you. It is therefore absolutely necessary to modernize the dress entirely in lace with XXL jewelry or an ultra-modern clutch. You will see how one small detail can change the total vibe of your look.

Here is a good length of a wedding dress for a 60-year-old woman

Red dress woman fashion 60 years

What length of dress after 60 for a wedding?

Regarding the length of a dress for a wedding, it should stop at the knee. Long dresses have the power to naturally slim the silhouette. The choice of shoes that will accompany your look is also very important. If the dress is long, opt for more open models to ventilate the silhouette, as our famous stylist Cristina Cordula likes to say.

If the dress is shorter and you have slender ankles, a shoe with straps can add character to your wedding outfit. Keep in mind that square-toe heels are super trendy and easier to wear. And for those who can’t wear heels, a pair of patent ballerinas is appropriate for this kind of occasion.

Bet on simplicity to be sure not to make a fashion faux pas

Straight knee dress yellow color white shoes women's wedding dress

What color to wear at 60 for a wedding?

The total white look and the total black look are to be banned at a wedding. In addition, black tends to age and accentuate wrinkles, if worn close to the face. Bright colors, on the other hand, are sure to give you a healthy glow. But the color of the dress must match your skin tone in order to sublimate you. If you have fair skin, go for green, pink, red, or royal blue. On the contrary, if you have matte skin, colors like orange, yellow, or orange-red, will sublimate you.

The right color that suits your skin tone can make you look 10 years younger

Pink color big jewelry idea wedding outfit woman 60 years

A beautiful green to sublimate matte skin and brunette

Stop green color brown woman Earrings

Wedding outfit woman 60 years old pantsIf you are a 60-year-old woman looking for an elegant outfit for a wedding, the high-waisted pleated pants in noble material are what you need. To add a touch of fashion to your outfit, you can opt for a bustier or an off-the-shoulder top.

The current trend is to wear a fully coordinated outfit, but you can also mix and match the pieces for a more trendy look. The advantage of wearing pants is that you can more easily pair them with a jacket. You can choose to wear a full suit set with a jacket and pants or opt for a small cropped jacket to finish the look.

Sure, you can wear sunbonnets if you want, but it’s a bit memorizing

Wedding outfit suit hat

Wedding outfit woman 60 years old mother of the bride

When you are the mother of the bride or groom, your wedding attire should live up to that special event. It is essential to opt for a glamorous, elegant, sophisticated, and modern look that reflects your pride. To find the perfect outfit, it is important to take into account your morphology and choose an outfit that highlights it. If you have a generous chest, a V-neck but light. And if you are small in size, a knee-length dress will be ideal to lengthen the silhouette. Don’t forget to wear jewelry as well as a nice modern hairstyle.

Here is a sublime dress worthy of the mother of the bride

Green dress with veil woman's sunglasses
Glamorous wheel dress for women over 60 red carpet wedding
Long floral skirt black top red jewelry  woman 60 years
Red Velvet Shoes for Elegant Woman's Wedding

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