How To Find Anti-Aging Treatment: With These Make-Up Tips Make You Younger


How to find anti aging treatment and skin care us a long list of promises.

How to sort the good from the bad?

Advice from our specialist, Dr Marie Estelle Roux.

Anti aging treatment

How To Find Anti Aging Treatment From Expert Advice



How does it work?

Retinoids have the power to increase the production of collagen rid the skin of dead cells and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This vitamin A derivative is the antioxidant anti-aging treatment most recommended by dermatologists.

Attention! Light reduces the effectiveness of retinoids. Also note care available without prescription are as derivatives of retinoids (retinol and less powerful, retinyl palmitate).

When do we see their effects?

You have to use at least 3 weeks for a brighter skin. But it takes longer to find a thicker dermis at least a month. Care without prescription show the same effects after 3-6 months.

As sera, retinoids penetrate better into the skin. Otherwise, a dermatologist can prescribe retinoic acid. Powerful and therefore more irritating, begin gradually to avoid damaging the dermis. Some skins cannot tolerate. However, we see a difference faster 8 to 12 weeks.

Best Sunscreen For Sensitive Face: How To Find Anti Aging Treatment

Younger, more sensitive to the sun Do not forget your sunscreen! “Retinoids increase sun sensitivity. They reduce the thickness of the skin, so UV rays penetrate better there. ” It is advised to apply the anti-aging treatment only at night. Also, note that retinoids are not recommended for pregnant women.


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