Nail Manicure! 10 Mistakes To Never Commit!


Nail manicure has not dreamed of having pretty hands princess, delicate and maintained?

Soft and smooth skin, long nails, regular and perfectly white, cuticles disciplined … To make this dream a reality,

Nail manicure

Discover The Ten Mistakes To Avoid For A Perfect Nail Manicure.

1 – Use Metal Utensils

They are cute, but they want to hurt your hands. The metal is too hard, too cold, potentially cutting. It is a heresy to want to get a manicure with metallic materials. To file, cardboard and glass are just the jobs. To push back cuticles, opt for boxwood sticks, much less traumatic for the sensitive edges of the nails.

2 – Do Not Base

In addition, the base allows the pigments contained in the colored varnish to have no effect on the keratin of the nails. No effect transfer possible and therefore no nail that yellow. The base is a must-have!

3 – Apply One Coat Color

Certainly, getting the nails are long and tedious. For a manicure in the rules of art, it takes a base coat, two colors, and a top coat. Without this, the manicure is missed, especially if you have the idea of not putting a colored varnish layer. It is impossible to obtain a perfectly opaque and even result in each nail by applying a single layer. The record is still rough, imperfect draft.

4 – Do Not Take Her Time

As said earlier, a successful manicure is a manicure at which dedicates some time. Let’s be frank if you do not have at least one hour before you: drop. Time to give the drying nails after four coats of varnish is at least thirty or forty minutes to be quiet … Go too fast is the synonymous honestly not glorious result: drips, addicted, irregularities to predict. Tip for more pressed: the four-layer base + color + color + top coat can be applied as a result, without waiting in between.

5 – Choose Acetone Remover

It is in less and less commercially but some unscrupulous manufacturers continue to put acetone in nail polish remover. This irritant chemical is good for removing polish stains on the floor of the entrance. Point bar. On our nails, acetone has a completely dehydrating effect, nails dry, become ugly and brittle.

6 – Apply the Varnish Too Close to The Cuticle

The best way to have a manicure so awful big colored blocks at your fingertips are to apply the polish on cuticles… It’s very difficult to catch up: even in passing a cotton swab soaked in solvent, small skin retain a coloring. The parade is to apply its varnish “Italian” includes staying away from the nail edge (careful, we are talking about half a millimeter, not more). This allows more to refine the nail and finger by the optical effect.

7 – Push Dry Cuticles

For perfect hands, you have to push back the cuticles that grow on the nail around and can give the impression of a smaller nail or irregular shape. So this is not too painful, you have to dip her hands in warm water or better do her manicure after a bath or a hot shower. Soften the skins, it becomes easier to push.

Weleda also offers a great range of products to take care of her cuticles. Then comes the question discussed: to cut or not to cut the cuticles? Best to cut when the skin really repelled surplus, there was a small bead dead skin easy to catch with her special plier’s cuticle.

8 – Do Not Be All The Same Size Nail

Unfortunately, when one breaks a fingernail, it must file all other lengths to balance. It’s cruel, but do not do it is a big BIG bad taste.

9 – Do Not Remove The Polish Time

In the same line, chipped nail polish should be banned … Unless deliberately cultivate a teen gothic-grunge look in crisis. Well posed, a varnish remains flawless for about four days, a little more for most assiduous which reapply the top coat daily. But from the first shell, the first hooked, better to say bye-bye to all his manicure.

10 – Request a French Manicure

Let it be said once and for all: no, the French manicure is not a good idea. This is a somewhat equivalent beauty of the white boot mode. Unreasonable for the unconditional french, opt for a nail filed down “rounded square” and very short, it will save your layout. Promised, the day she made a big comeback, we’ll keep you informed!

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