10 Hairstyle Tips Stitched In The Backstage Of Fashion Week


Here are the 10 tips stitched in the backstage of New York Fashion Week that will make your Hairstyle the most beautiful!

Not everyone can be styled daily by the best hairdressers on the planet. Fortunately for us, there are a lot of little tips that can be used to get a hairstyle worthy of the largest hair salons.

  • Use A Curling Iron 3 Centimeters In Diameter

To avoid having Nelly Olson’s curls, use a curling iron whose bar is 3 centimeters in diameter. It will give you soft curls. Simply wrap your hair around the bar and wait a few seconds before releasing it.

✨3 REASONS WHY YOUR HAIR WONT GROW(RETAIN LENGTH)✨ 1. Over-processing: Each time chemicals are added to the hair it compromises the hairs integrity and if chemicals such as hair dye bleach and relaxer are applied wrong or for too long the hair strands will suffer and eventually break off leading to short damaged hair. 2. Over manipulating: if the hair is put under tension constantly or you’re not as gentle as you should be when washing or detangling hair, it can lead to breakage and thin ends over time. 3. Excessive heat: too much heat will dry your curls out over time and it may even compromise your curl pattern! Heat may be ok once in a while but it can be very detrimental to your hair if used everyday or even once a week. It can cause thinning spilt ends and more which will leave you stuck at the same length. . . Your hair is in-fact growing but these are three things that may be stopping you from retaining the length that you are growing. If you find yourself doing any of these three things try and eliminate it from your hair regimen to start retaining that length! ❤️ . . . #heatstyling #curlyhairtips #hairgrowth #healthycurls #curly_natural_hair #healthyhair #haircolor #beautyhacks #nelynatural #flatiron #curlingiron

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Let it cool but roll it up with bobby pins so that it keeps its shape longer. Do the same for each strand of hair.

  • 8Use Your Spray To Shine Hair Several Inches From Your Skull

This will avoid the fat side. Hold the spray as far as possible from your hair before you start. In this way, only a fine mist will touch your hair.