5 Ways To Lose Weight Fast Naturally


5 Ways To Lose Weight5 ways to lose weight quick in ancient time’s people did not hesitate to use as weight loss weird wearing rubber underwear, raising tapeworm in the…

Fastest 5 Ways To Lose Weight Naturally

1. Eating Pickled Garlic

To lose weight women Chosun Korean cuisine usually pickled garlic. Garlic and vinegar together become good food, good for blood circulation and anti-aging and body cleansing.

2. Wear Rubber Liner

Many people believe that the rubber will absorb fat by causing the body to sweat, which can lose weight. Rubber Underwear are both men and women of that time favored.

However, the consequences of the odd method of weight loss are skin-tight rubber, will make it hard for blood circulation and ease of damage caused by exposure to moisture for too long even more people are infected.

3. Weight Loss Pills Contain Arsenic

The weight loss drug has become popular since the 19th century. However, these drugs often contain arsenic a toxic nerve damage whatever you can help with weight loss but for health hazards. At that time, the weight loss drug containing arsenic is advertised to increase metabolism in the body help keep the body balanced. Weight loss methods oddly harmful to health but still many women of that time despite all the hope of a perfect body.

With a desire to lose weight quickly they also tend to increase doses this can easily lead to poisoning. Furthermore, only a small amount of arsenic in the body that was enough drugs fall into a critical condition.

4. Chewing But Not Swallowing

After being denied health insurance due to their weight, Horace Fletcher chew each piece of food 32 times (a time corresponding to a tooth), swallowing all the water, “added fatty goodness” then her house out.

According to Fletcher, the explanation of how to absorb the necessary nutrients to feed the body and weight will obviously greatly reduced.

5. Raising Tapeworm In The Body

Early 20th century a bizarre way to lose weight is also circulated that raising tapeworm in the body. First, dieters will eat a piece of meat containing tapeworm eggs. This type parasites multiply in the intestine and suck the nutrients making them lose weight quickly. When you reach the desired weight dieters will use bleach to kill worms and tapeworms excreted from the body.

However, in vivo animal tapeworm to lose weight may cause danger to human health. Dietitian Joy Bauer said: “This is a crazy idea, tapeworm parasites are dangerous, can cause serious health problems. Diets are not the way to lose weight normally. Even in the U.S., trade tapeworm is also illegal. “

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