Diane Kruger Hairstyles Revelations Of Her Hairdresser


Diane Kruger HairstylesDiane Kruger Hairstyles is an expert beauty degree. It fits all the trends in hairstyle and never ceases to amaze us with hairstyles more beautiful than the other. Retro hairstyles star of the catwalk the braided crown, she has mastered it. Her hairdresser reveals some little secrets about her personality chameleon.
Diane Kruger Retro Hairstyles

Diane Kruger has long been a model before becoming an actress there she developed a love of beauty and knowledge. Adam Reed, hair studio and stars a chance to work for it for over seven years. She tells us more about the beautiful actress who fascinates with its simple beauty and refined through an interview with the magazine Grazia UK.

Diane Kruger long Hairstyles

“I started with Diane Kruger seven years ago when she worked on Troy. During this time it was Diane Kruger the German really pretty and very nice model. She was not quite able to speak English, a few words. Later I discovered she spoke seven languages fluently so now I suspect that she lied shyness. ”

Diane Kruger Hairstyles

It is now some years she follows around the world playing even when her fellow riders Joshua Jackson can not come to an event. Diane Kruger Hairstyles side they know and complement. “Diane is always happy with my experiments on her hair. Once I added the buttons in her hair. It is open to try new things she trusts me and everything we tried was successful until now We … touch wood.

Diane Kruger Retro Hairstyles

Indeed, we copy her hairstyle as well as its retro chignons dancer or braid her ear in Cannes. She tries all her hairstyles and inspires us very often. We do not always see the same hairstyle that’s for sure. The hairdresser also insists on this point “You meet other celebrity I worked with Agyness Deyn for example.

Diane Kruger retro chignons

It has its own style and sticks to it, while Diane likes to try everything. She likes to do things she has not done before. This is a true chameleon hair. “It is not that many red carpet crowds each year say otherwise.

Diane Kruger chameleon hair

Karl Lagerfeld in fact not as a muse and friend. The hairdresser says she has also been authorized by the great Pope to cut a Chanel dress in drag for a part in her hair. A privilege which is not granted to everyone.

Diane Kruger Hairstyles

Diane Kruger Hairstyles they vary depending on events “When we’re at a banquet, it is a simple look for the day. Thereafter, changes of dress and hairstyle for the evening. A basic technique but on proven Diane Kruger whose hairstyles are remarkable no matter what hour.

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