Pimples On The Back: How To Get Rid Of Them!


Pimples on your back are just as annoying as pimples on your face: we explain why they form and have tips on how to get rid of pimples on your back!

What many do not know: there are sebaceous glands on the back – just as many as on the face. If the skin is oily, pimples appear on the back ! Especially in summer it is really annoying when you can see pimples on the back under the beautiful top.

Why do I get pimples on my back?

There can be many different reasons for this. On the one hand, this can be due to eating or consuming behavior. For example, if you smoke, the pimple on the body can promote it. But not only that. On the other hand, your clothes can be to blame for it, as can shampoos or shower gels that are too aggressive.

But how do I get rid of pimples on my back?

In general, the same applies to pimples on the back as to pimples in general: Proper hygiene, care and a healthy diet are essential here. But our tips can also help you to get rid of the annoying culprits completely.

pH-skin-neutral shower gels against pimples on the back

If you already eat healthy, it can be due to your shower gel, for example. Do not clean the affected back area with shower gel , but with a mild, pH-neutral washing lotion containing salicylic acid. Salicylic acid dissolves calluses and thus prevents the sebum glands from becoming inflamed and pimples forming on the back.

The shampoo is to blame

Not only the wrong shower gel can cause pimples on your back, your shampoo or conditioner can also promote them . If you wash your hair in the shower, the shampoo runs down your back when you wash your hair. The residue that sticks to your back can clog your pores. Therefore, you should definitely clean your back with shower gel afterwards to get rid of the residues.

Peelings against pimples on the back

Peels can also help get rid of the annoying pimples on the back. You can either clean your back with a long-handled massage brush or apply an exfoliant. For example, mix yourself an exfoliation of sugar, sea salt and olive oil. Add two teaspoons of sea salt to a coffee cup filled with sugar and slowly pour in olive oil until you have a spreadable mixture. Then rub your back thoroughly once a week. This also relieves calluses and frees your pores on your back.

Tip: If you don’t get a good grip on the pimples on your back, you can simply put a washcloth over a long- handled brush and exfoliate your back. Change the washcloth after each use.

Apply back mask against pimples

In addition to a peeling, you can also apply a back mask once a week. Mix a solid porridge from healing earth and chamomile tea . Add about five tablespoons of healing earth in a bowl and one or two tablespoons of chamomile tea – depending on how thick you want the paste to be. In any case, it should still be easy to spread. Once it is completely dry , you can wash it off again. The healing earth absorbs sebum and dirt, the chamomile tea has an anti-inflammatory effect. You can also mix the mask with tap water.

It can also help to apply a few drops of pure tea tree oil to the pimples.

Wear the right clothes

Synthetic materials can clog your pores when you sweat. It is therefore better to use materials such as cotton that can better absorb and remove sweat. Airy clothes that are not close to your back should be worn, especially in summer.

Shower properly

When you shower, wash your back carefully. Don’t just let water run over it, but scrub it gently. Also to remove dead skin cells.

If the problem persists, you should ask your dermatologist or pharmacist for advice!

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