Poncho Style: The Must-Have Garment Completes Every Outfit Perfectly

Poncho Style

Ponchos are experiencing a real comeback and have become a must-have garment.

The colorful throws from Latin America score with an airy cut and can be combined in many ways.

Trendsetters rely on the trendy layered look and wear it in autumn and spring as an alternative to the coat. Also in winter she completes the outfit – mostly as a scarf over the shoulders.

We take a close look at the all-round talent and give you useful tips on how to style your poncho, which fabrics are suitable for the cold and which ones are suitable for the warm season and which colors will be particularly popular in 2019.

Poncho Style: The Garment Comes From South America

Poncho Style Wear Blouse Spring Outfit Ideas

The loose poncho comes from South America. Originally, the garment was worn as a scarf or used as a blanket if required.

Today it is still made from a single square piece of fabric, has no sleeves and is slit in the middle. Its wide, airy cut makes it the perfect companion in autumn and spring. With temperature fluctuations, he can successfully replace the coat, or, when the sun shines again, disappear in the purse.

Ponchos and capes are often confused because at first sight they have a lot in common. Actually, there are several fundamental differences. Capes have arm slits and an A-shaped cut, so they can not be worn over the coat and are less suitable for the layer look.

They look a bit stricter and more formal. In comparison, the poncho proves to be a versatile upgrade in both the office and the everyday look.

These Poncho Fabrics And Patterns Are Currently In Vogue

Depending on whether the poncho is worn in autumn / spring, in winter or in summer, various substances come into question. In 2019, the following materials are announced:

1. Acrylic: Acrylic fibers feel like wool, are hypoallergenic, washable at 40 degrees and lightfast. Acrylic fabrics dry quickly and remain dimensionally stable even after many washes. The felt-free material is ideal for the cool summer evenings.

2. Wool or boiled wool: heat-releasing and pleasantly soft on the skin, this is how pure wool can be described. “Boiled wool” is a woven fulled fabric. High quality wipers have over 50% wool content, are water repellent, durable and elastic.

The textiles with wool are perfect for everyday use ponchos, which can replace the coat in autumn and spring, suitable.

3. Cashmere: cashmere ponchos can ennoble any winter outfit. The high-quality material is tear-resistant and moisture-repellent, scores with a pleasant feel and a sexy look with herringbone patterns.

High-quality ponchos are not only recognizable by their fabric quality; they also score with high-quality production. As far as the colors and the patterns are concerned, the traditional block stripes and checkered motifs are still up to date. Patterned ponchos or striped models are real statement garments.

Style Poncho: How To Create A Trendy Outfit!

Ponchos are considered true combination talents. A simple monochrome model can perfectly complement the business look.

Combinations of blazer and poncho with a midi length prove to be particularly suitable for the office. Ponchos styled for evening dresses and maxi skirts…

Real trendsetters put on short ponchos in signal colors like the trendy neon yellow or neon green, which they pair with leggings and sneakers.


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