The Most Beautiful Jewelry For Summer By Chanel Jewellery


Most Beautiful Jewelry For Summer like Ring “Camelia Embroidered” By Chanel Jewellery

Still, much refinement on the side of Chanel Jewellery never ceases to delight with its famous motif Camellia flower fetish lady. Like a caress subtle embroidered version this ring in 8 carats white gold and set with 66 brilliant cut white diamonds sits on hand such as a carved gold lace. Difficult to resist such finesse and style to radiate summer.

Beautiful Jewelry For Summer In Different Look

Earrings “Happy Emotions” Chopard

Each season is with great pleasure that we find the iconic jewelry line “Happy Diamonds” signed Chopard. This summer the house gives us a new interpretation of his world gay and twirling that characterizes this collection with “Happy Emotions.” Round and shiny new creations reminiscent of a dazzling sun ray darting about everything that surrounds it. Proof with these earrings spiral pattern white gold and fitted with three diamonds each mobile … Feminine elegant and timeless they all!

Bracelet “My Dior” Dior Jewellery

Very delicate Victoire de Castellane has inspired pattern caring for its new line called “My Dior”. A pattern that has continued to be in the house since 1950 when it busts straw trellis artist Janine Janet decorated the windows … So today we find a collection of jewelry and the twisted son cords interwoven with a braided mesh gold and engraved with the image of the sublime yellow gold bracelet. We salute once more the beautiful craftsmanship that ensures that little extra something very precious.

Ring “Plaisir d’Amour” by Mauboussin

This season the house Mauboussin continues to seduce us with its evocative name jewelry. Here the ring Plaisir d’Amour is a true marvel. White gold and adorned with amethyst also paved amethysts and diamonds she breathes a little breath of fresh air and brings her refined touch of color to the beautiful days.

Earrings Rose Piaget

Welcome to the world precious and delicate while Piaget. This summer the brand jeweler revisits its historic pink for our greatest happiness and reinterprets mind. On these earrings, the divine flower and gourmet spread its petals of openwork gold in a subtle golden hue and reveals a precious diamond on each side. Beauty in its purest form.

Bracelet “Orient Express” Seijna

It is with delight that we find the glamorous and delicate designer Deborah Lombroso, founder of the house jeweler Seijna. Subtle this bracelet is also available in yellow gold and pink gold is an invitation to travel and leads us into the romantic and sensual curves of the East. Hence the name of this sublime line called “Orient Express” also declines rings, necklaces, and bracelets for adornment definitely valuable.

Ring “Talisman” De Beers

Straight out of the collection “games Flashing ‘house De Beers this ring embodies the elegance of an original talisman. Yellow gold and set with 72 diamonds rough and sizes and bright pink fancy colors for a total weight of 2.23 carats this genuine marvel brighten the look of all the beautiful refined.

Bracelet “Magic Stone” of Djula

Color! Been found for this line’s flagship Djula, called Magic Stone. A tribute to the vibrant color nature where there is chic and sensual jewelry featuring gemstones sometimes bright sometimes pastel. In the image of this yellow gold bracelet is adorned with a delicate green agate and diamonds for even more refinement. Free us then try to “mix & match” to play better with the wealth of gourmet palette and intense.

Rings “Spark Light” Cherry Diamond

To all those who want to have a sublime solo and also combine the pleasures site management to adopt these cute little rings. Pink gold, yellow gold, white gold, we choose the one (s) you prefer and brought it solo or mix! Jewelry ultra chic, trendy and really eat!

Pendant “Beaded” rose gold Van Cleef & Arpels

With this collection called “Beaded” Van Cleef & Arpels our summer sparkle with golden bubbles in white and pink! Playful refined and it allows many more combinations of jewels for even more speed and style. We love this gorgeous pendant including pink gold paved with diamonds and a row of exquisitely slipped on a chain to come twinkle in the hollow of our necks … Simply sublime.

Ring “The Maligne” Redline

Always more news on the side of redlines. 2016 2017 for its new line the brand has focused on a collection of four rings with unusual shapes called “Magnificent.” And this is the case. All in white gold, pink or yellow, these precious jewels are adorned with diamonds and also take a look at once refined and elegant. Proof image with one of these curves and geometric shapes combining with chic. That’s what appeals to refined in search of originality.

Earrings “Diamonds by the Yard by Elsa Peretti” Tiffany & Co.

What’s new at Tiffany & Co.? As beautiful again! It holds among other things this summer these beautiful earrings that shine by their simplicity and absolute class. We particularly like the rose gold wedding rings and diamonds jewelry to wear these without moderation.

Collier “Target” Dinh Van

For summer 2016 2017, Dinh Van revisits its iconic motifs in white gold and set with diamonds. Starting with the line “Target” resulting in this chic and sleek necklace. We still love the look it provides and the air side of the jewel to wear in all simplicity.

Bracelet “Sutra” Diane von Furstenberg by H. Stern

For this season, the American designer Diane von Furstenberg, fashion icon and elegance, and Roberto Stern, creative director of the house H. Stern, joined world style, glamor, and femininity of a side design gold and precious stones on the other to give birth to a collection of jewelry bold and ultra-feminine. Evidence among others this bracelet is yellow gold links of which we can add charms of your choice. But … Love (love), laughter (laughter), creativity (creativity), harmony (harmony), integrity (integrity), peace (peace), abundance (abundance) and knowledge (knowledge), these are the words that inspire creative every day and she wanted to see this wonderful jewel engraved on … So beautiful.

Collier “Joy” O fairy

This season we always crack for both delicate and chic jewelry brand O fairy. This summer, among other they throw our sights on this bucolic necklace in silver Rhodium which infuses a little breath of fresh air to our look.


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